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Overcoming Rejection: Meeting Soulmate After Twin Flame

by consciousreminder

by Conscious Reminder

Can you meet your soulmate after the twin flame? To lose such person is actually an awful tragedy. To get over that and move forward to some new horizons usually requires an emotional fight of the most significant order.

A lot of people often give up any hopes on love when they experience such a misfortune strike in the heart. Usually, people can meet their twin flames in an inconvenient time.

One of the members of the union of twin flames can be immature spiritually, so he or she cannot maintain the relationship.

This will actually result in some permanent alienation. At the time of such separation, you are going to feel like you have lost some part of the heart. You will feel some emptiness in it.

However, people also forget that all that comes or leaves our lives is for some specific reason. So, twin flames will arrive in your life in order to teach you some precious lessons.

Meeting a soulmate after a twin flame.

People continuously try to push each other towards some spiritual ascension. Even though our time can be marked with inevitable pain, everyone should see the big picture.

You should not let someone blind your eyes. Suffering will serve to make you a better person. It will also enable you to accept light and love.

Our entire life, we are running from the ones we love and ourselves too. We claim that we actually accept any kind of love, but that is far away from reality.

The insecurities on an emotional level or hating ourselves can reduce the ability of loving, as well as accepting love.

People need to comprehend that the union of twin flames is created to be quite challenging. It also has the purpose of draining them emotionally and shattering them physically, so they can rise once again.

It can also serve to purge the emotional trash which they have in them.

The departure of twin flames.

However, when your twin flame departs, it does not have to mean that everything is over. It will say that you need to find the soulmate in your life which is going to make you worthy of your twin flame. In fact, soulmates are the source of learning.

They can teach us in what way to form a relationship with the twin flame, which will be a stable one.

In the right time, you are going to rejoin with your twin flame; it is your destiny. But, first of all, you will have to fill yourself with some everlasting love, as well as light. You can do that when and if you agree to receive the love which you receive from soulmates.

Also, you will have to mediate when you lose your twin. You will have to process all the pain, as well as try to better understand what lesson it works to give you.

Pain is always educational. However, when the sadness period is dealt in the proper way, it can have a lot of benefits, such as rising vibration, as well as transforming you in a being that is capable of passing the storm.

Meeting your twin flame after you meet your soulmate is going to be an excellent happening. The Universe will give you better chances of growing on an emotional and spiritual level.

Don’t miss this opportunity. There are just a few people who have the same opportunity as you.

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Nicole Kostantina Kellidis November 14, 2018 - 9:15 am

I completely agree. Sometimes separation is permanent and for this life time union is going to happen on the other side as from beginning of time when not incarnated.
Soulmates are sometimes our life partners for some reasons when the twin flame connection is not the purpose of our lifetime. As harsh and painful this is it carries a lot of lessons and growth. Massive growth. Pain is always symptom of a lesson to learn or some baggage to release and clear.

Star June 25, 2019 - 11:25 pm

how do I know if someone is my twin flame?


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