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Why Is The Twin Flames Connection About Karma?

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by Conscious Reminder

Twin flame karma is a topic that is frequently discussed; in this article, you will learn what this means for you and your twin flame partner.

The concept of twin flames stems from many myths about the coming together of masculine and feminine forces to create an ultimate match of energy and a new generation. Tantric arts were created with this goal in mind.

On a more fundamental level, we have personal relationships that can manifest as deeper soul connections than we are usually aware of.

There is the concept of root karma interaction.

This is where we intensely interacted with another entity in a previous life, resulting in karmic connections in this life. This is why Twin Flames are related to Karma.

Karma is simply the energetic match of a given energy.

To return to the fundamentals of energy and physics, this is what Karma is. The fact that it is an extension of consciousness is debatable and addressed by many different paradigms, but science has repeatedly proven the fact of Karma, the effect of one action on another.

Love has a profound nature and a soul connection that involves simple, exchanged actions that have the power to endure eternity. We are reunited with soul mates and even find our twin flame as a result of the nature of this energy.

Twin flames karma in ancient times.

The concept of the twin flame derives from the Egyptian concept of a continuous soul, as detailed in the Egyptian Book of the Dead. A similar process is also described in The Tibetan Book of the Dead, an ancient text.

For there to be linked souls or “flames,” which actually refer to the heart, there must be a continued consciousness to maintain the constructs of recognition so that one can find their twin flame in another life and match Karma to a degree of evolution for both and all.

As contrived as much of this ideology appears to be, it is actually so intricately intertwined with human behavior that it is inseparable. Our conscious actions and interactions leave imprints on us that can last after death.

Different belief systems will, of course, disagree. Regardless of disagreement, it is always certain when one has found their twin flame, which gives rise to the concept of Why Twin Flames Connection is about Karma.

Karma is the interaction of all actions, expressed as action upon action. If that doesn’t make your head spin, there’s no telling what will. To make it easier to understand, some patterns in the universe have opposites that match the pattern to form a whole. DNA is one such example. To activate the DNA, two helix structures must be cleaved together.

The same holds true for people and Karma. The direction is determined by action. As a result, there is a change in direction between two matching frames, which is known as discord. Before twin flames can unite, this discordance must be resolved, and the solution lies in Karma.

We have only scratched the surface of twin flames karma, as karma is also about individual circumstances, making it quite personal and unique.

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