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Are You Among The 4 Most Independent Signs Of The Zodiac?

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by Conscious Reminder

All of us need help from others at some point in some way. However, it also feels good when we have a feeling of sovereignty and personal freedom.

There is nothing guaranteed or constant in this world, so it becomes all the more important to be able to trust ourselves. For these 4 signs, though, there are very few things more important than autonomy.

There are several ways in which the trait of independence can manifest. The birth chart’s planetary placements are one factor.

For example, some signs celebrate their independence by going on solo trips or taking whimsical high-risk decisions. Others can do this by securing financial independence and stability or being comfortable alone.

However, simply being born under the influence of specific planets and stars is the only factor behind a sign of being innately independent.

But a good overview of the birth chart can help in figuring out where you desire freedom. For instance, Mars or the Sun is present in the chart’s ninth house can mean that the person is particularly explorative and free-spirited.

Here are the 4 signs that are more independence-leaning than any other:


As the zodiac’s first sign, brazen and bold Aries is built to lead. The fiery, headstrong signs love to act impulsively and control their destiny with their own hands. They dislike taking orders from anyone else. Not only are they an initiative-taking sign, but their ruler is also fearless Mars.

As such, they have innate warrior spirits as well as strong inner drives. These trailblazers never hesitate to sprint into action with passion. It is very difficult, and nigh impossible, to hamper or restrain their independence.


Sagittarius is perhaps the most liberated and independent sign among all the zodiacs. They love adventure and seek out excitement their entire lives, and freedom is absolutely necessary for them to thrive.

They constantly challenge their own as well as others’ beliefs and fearlessly charge forward into unexplored territory, As a result, they absolutely refuse to be held back or pinned down by anything that can dampen their wildness.

They love movement, and the freedom to be whimsical, so restrictive or co-dependent lifestyles can clash with their desire for speed. They are daredevils with an open mind and prefer as much space as possible to chase down rainbows according to their own schedules.


Capricorns’ life motto is to do those things that you want to do right yourself. They are pragmatic and hard-working and proud of their self-sufficiency. As such, they highly value their independence. They avoid relying on anyone else as much as possible and have a deep desire to stand strong by themselves.

They give their all to building lifestyles, relationships, and careers that support their independent lifestyle. Capricorns embody the practicality and confidence needed to do things without any external directions.


Aquarius has a strong association with community and friendship, so they know extremely well how important the collective and working together is.

However, they also have a fierce streak of independence, as Aquarius is the zodiac’s free-thinking rebel as well. Under the influence of Uranus, they dislike following any footsteps or getting chained by past traditions.

Their eccentricity and airiness compel them to march at their own rhythm. As such, they hate conforming to the status quo or listening to norms set by any external agency. The way of the Aquarius is to be unconventional and pave their individual way forward.   

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