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Gemini Full Moon Horoscopes: Zodiac Signs Experiencing Ego Vs. Spirit Clash

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by Conscious Reminder

The approaching Full Moon in December will be happening in Gemini. During this lunation, you might be surprised by the exalting and sentimental tinge.

The trine it forms with Jupiter will also be expanding our feelings and thoughts. It will happen on December 18th, 11:35 PM ET. Here are the unique effects of this lunation on each zodiac:


You are finally close to finding answers for problems that have been a struggle to solve. The coming full moon can give you tools that will let you take the last step to the answer. So do not shy away from asking questions, or speaking your mind.


You may be finally accepting the things you need and want. Try keeping your desire for luxury in control, and let it take charge. Let this lunation remind you of the things you should be grateful for while also replenishing your luxuries.


You have a sparkling personality. It has attracted both positive and negative attention. It’s the negativity that may have made you lose some shine. This lunation will push you to reclaim that sparkle. Don’t let anything or anyone hold it back.


The December Full Moon is going to be a great chance to reconnect with the world inside you. It is only via your spirituality and imagination can you reach other healing dimensions. Let the lunation clear your mind, and take hold of deserving zen.


This lunation will shed light on your social group’s true dynamics. Do not underestimate the influence that other people have on your energy. Reassess the influences that you want near your energy.


The December full moon is going to be a reminder of the aspirations that are truly worth your time. Avoid the first chance that comes your way, regardless of whoever gives it to you. Don’t settle for the least you can get. Remember, the final decision lies with you.


You are being given a brand new perspective. It might also make you feel like taking some risks. Go on the adventure that the lunation will bring, since this will be a spontaneous chance for making new memories. The full moon will teach you to have some more faith.


The approaching lunation can shed light on debts that you still owe, or loose ends that still need tying. See whatever the full moon will reveal since these will be things you are prepared to move forward from. This will be the chance for planting new seeds.


A lot of change and growth has happened to you, and with it, relationships dynamics have also changed. The full moon in December will show you the evolutions that have taken place in your relationships. It will be a lesson on how to make stronger partnerships in the future.


This lunation will be focusing on your body and health. It will let you know where it needs improvement or healing. It can also show you the daily habits that are most beneficial. You might think about restructuring your entire life.


You might remember the things that bring you true pleasure during this lunation. The focus will be on prioritizing bringing that back. You should never sacrifice your creativity. Creativity is the most important part of a human. So don’t be afraid of breaking rules while painting your picture.


This lunation will help you connect with the sense of feeling at home. As such, domestic disputes might surface. But it is a way of showing you the things that need fixing, so that there can be more trust and comfort at home. 

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