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Black New Moon In Taurus, May 2023 – A New Cycle/ New Beginning

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by Conscious Reminder

Take a long, deep breath. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth, sighing.

It almost sounds like a sigh of relief. Feel the weight of your chest and shoulders lift. Perhaps you should relax your jaw or stretch your arms out. Settle into yourself and absorb the wisdom that the Taurus New Moon brings…

The Taurus New Moon on May 19, 2023, has a grounding vibration that allows us to rebalance and reconnect to a state of ease. We’ve been through a lot since the last lunar cycle, and now we get a break.

While this pause will allow us to center ourselves, there is also some powerful energy flowing through during this New Moon, activating our Solar Plexus Chakra and inviting us to reconnect with our power.

Let’s take a look at what this 2023 Taurus New Moon has to offer.

The Taurus New Moon is Our Anchor

The Taurus New Moon is the first lunar cycle since the start of Eclipse Season. With the start of a new lunar cycle, the transformative, and possibly chaotic, energies of the Eclipses can begin to settle and fade into the background of our lives.

Eclipses are associated with change, awakening, transformation, and shift. Our lives, and perhaps even our perspectives, may look very different than they did on April 19th, when the Eclipses first began.

Eclipses can bring quantum leaps forward in our spiritual journey, so if you are at a crossroads, in limbo, or in completely new territory, the vibrations of this New Moon can help to ground and stabilize you.

Taurus is a sign associated with stability and security, which is exactly what this New Moon offers. How can you make your life more secure? What steps can you take to make yourself feel more stable and secure?

Issues that arise around the New Moon may be linked to subconscious feelings of insecurity or a lack of self-worth. Pay attention to anything uncomfortable that arises at this time, and consider whether your insecurities are a factor.

It’s also a good idea to try leaning into anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. Remember that feeling uneasy is a sign that you are maturing! By leaning into the sensation, you can discover what is causing it. You don’t need all the answers; simply being aware is often enough. If you keep doing this throughout your life, you will notice that less and less things bother you!

It is difficult to allow insecurities to enter when we are not constantly rushing; when we are not living from a place of scarcity; and when we are connected to our true power. Life will always move and shift around us, but it is only within our inner being that we can truly create true and long-lasting security that will follow us wherever we go.

The Taurus New Moon and Creating Comfort

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty, money, relationships, and pleasure. Soaking in some of this zodiac sign’s lighter vibrations can remind us to slow down and enjoy the pleasure that comes from taking the time to pause and simply enjoy life.

What makes you feel at ease? What makes you want to give someone a warm hug? What allows you to let down your guard and accept the warmth and support of those around you? These are loaded questions, but lean into them as the May New Moon approaches. Work on bringing yourself comfort in whatever way you can.

One thing to remember during this Taurus New Moon is that we do not need to seek grandiose things. Small, simple pleasures or indulgences, such as that delicious slice of pie that reminds you of your grandmother, or a cup of tea on the patio, or going to bed an hour earlier, can be just as effective. Allow yourself to slow down and stop to smell the roses, whatever that may be for you. Make small pleasures and indulgences a priority and observe how they affect your mood.

The Taurus New Moon and Our Cosmic Skies

Under this New Moon, Jupiter and Pluto will both be at zero degrees of their respective zodiac signs. Pluto will be in Aquarius, while Jupiter will be in Taurus. This is a very powerful energy dynamic coursing through the cosmic skies, which will be amplified by the New Moon energies.

Zero is a highly karmic zodiac degree that represents reaching that zero-point state. This is the state of neutrality in which nothing is dark or light. We are One with all of life in the zero-state. And it is in this zero state that creation occurs.

At zero, Jupiter and Pluto open a powerful energy portal through which we can manifest and create a new vision for our lives. We can also direct this energy directly into our Solar Plexus in order to boost our feelings of purpose, power, and inner strength.

Bring your attention to your Solar Plexus Chakra for a moment. This Chakra is located in our body’s zero point, right where your navel is. It emits a bright yellow light and serves as one of your most powerful links to Source energy and personal power. For a moment, go to this location and see your own inner Sun shining brightly.

The charging of our Solar Plexus can help to boost our motivation, inspiring us to build a solid, grounded foundation for ourselves. It can also help us bring our intentions to fruition. Charging the Solar Plexus can also help to strengthen our stomach and digestive system, allowing us to assimilate and process not only the nutrients we consume, but also the energy we consume.

The Taurus New Moon and Haumea, Goddess of Fertility

The Goddess Venus isn’t the only one active during the Taurus New Moon. Haumea, the Hawaiian fertility goddess, is active as well, forming a T-Square with Jupiter, Mars, and Pluto. This will boost the highly creative zero-point energies, but it will also cause some tension.

When we experience such tension, it is usually a sign from the Universe that we need to take action in our lives. When tensions become too high, something has to give in order to create more breathing room.

If you are feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, or if something arises during this New Moon, you may need to release the tension by moving. The move can be subtle or loud, but making more room for the tension to flow will help to bring about relaxation.

T-Squares are known to be a difficult alignment, but it is often in the midst of difficulties that we make the best decisions and make the most beneficial life changes.

With all of this fertile energy coming in from Taurus, Venus, and Haumea, the creative, fertile energies around us will be boosted. Work with this creative energy in whatever way it comes to you. It can also be used to improve your chances of conception.

The Taurus New Moon Overall

The Taurus New Moon in May 2023 brings a variety of energy currents to work with, but most of us will benefit from tuning into the grounded, stabilizing vibrations it provides.

We’ve been through a lot of transformative energies recently, so taking some time to center, root, and reset our bodies and minds will be beneficial.

From here, we can consider charging up our powerhouse Solar Plexus and manifesting through our creative powers.

Happy New Moon in Taurus!!!

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