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Angel Number 1111 & The Amazing Potential It Carries

by consciousreminder
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Well, did you know that 1111 is a lucky number?

We will tell you all about it!

Has it ever happened to you that you look at the clock and it is exactly 11:11?

Wow, right?

Or maybe you see the number on car plates and receipts and bills?

Well, this means that 1111 is chasing you and if it is, you are extremely lucky!

This is because the number shows that you can desire anything and get it almost instantly and somehow miraculously. It can also be read as a message from your Spirit guides, probably they want to help you in some way or the other.

Geometry of the Number 1:

It is straight up and down and can be seen as a link between the Spirit and the Master; between the Earth and the Cosmos. It is perhaps the channel of energy for each one of us. We might actually be getting energy from the spirits that we can use to create other things in this Universe which can be useful to everyone around us. So, it is the perfect way to deliver the ideas of the divine to us.

When 1 is doubled to form 11, the energy also gets doubled. Thus, 11 is far more powerful than 1. So, we have just discussed the power of 1 alone; one can imagine the power of 11. It is an even better conduit between our world and the one beyond us. The energy created by 11 creates Light. Also, the word “Light” adds up to the number 11 in numerology, same as the words “Psychic” and “Jesus”.

Well, you can very well imagine the potential of 11 now.

Moreover, 11:11 is a powerful portal for manifesting. It adds up to 4 which is the number of Earth matter and physical manifestations. It teaches you the fact that you have an active role to play in creation. You are just a unit of the Divine and you are meant to create things in the Universe as sanctioned by the Divine. Thus 11:11 helps you to align to the Universe.

The important part to remember is that when you are aligned to the Universe, you will see how magical your life will become and how easily opportunities and good things will come into your life. You will feel complete and you will also move towards your purpose more and more.

The number 11:11 is also trying to show to us that we can heal our broken past and thus can create the future that we wish for ourselves to create. The number shows us that there are parallel Universes just like the parallel 1s in 11:11 and these represent the past, present and the future. Thus, it shows that we can impact them almost simultaneously and change the way things have been going on for us.

All that you have to do is simultaneously focus on your past and your present and in this way you can actively create your future by healing and getting better. What you have to remember is that when you are doing all of this, there will be looming shadows.

This means that not everything is going to be fine as soon as you begin your journey. You will face a number of problems on the path but the path will make you better and stronger and you will be able to achieve whatever you want to achieve if you focus on the right sources and seek energy and power from them.

All you have to do is to never give up on the journey that you have embarked. Through this journey, you will be able to impact so many people around you and thus you need to stick to it.

Love and light!  

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