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Sharing Thoughts: If Someone Is On Your Mind Are You On Theirs?

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This is a question here at Conscious Reminder we get quite a lot. It stems from the well known spiritual connection shared between related souls – soulmates, twin flames, empath relationships and so on.

These connections have a psychic or telepathic element to them that allows for analysis of thoughts and emotions concerning a spiritual connection.

Not all relationships have this spiritual connection.

So the simplest answer is: Not necessarily, but maybe.

The simplest answer is rarely accurate enough, however, so let us go into a bit more depth.

There are situations in which someone being on your mind might mean you are on theirs, and we will explore some of them here.

Twin Flames & Soulmates

In twin flame and soulmate relationships, you might have them on your mind because you are already on their mind – or, because they are on your mind, you might be on theirs.

This is because of the strong spiritual connection you share with your twin flame and, to a lesser but still very significant extent, with your soulmates.

Thinking of the other person sends a surge of electrical energy through that connection that carries enough information to impact us.

Our spirit guides often interpret this spiritual message and deliver to you through sudden thoughts and your intuition.

What this means in a practical sense is that when a twin flame or soulmate is thinking of you, you will often begin to think of them – and get an accompanying feeling that the thought originated from outside yourself.

This is a very common phenomenon in these kinds of strong spiritual relationships. So if the person on your mind is a twin flame or soulmate – and there is plenty of guidance on how to know that available – then the likely answer to the question is: Yes.

Family & Close Friends

When the person you are thinking of is not a soulmate or twin flame but is a close friend or member of your family, the question gets a little harder to answer.

Here you should return to your intuition. What you are feeling for is a sense of whether the thought you are having originated within yourself.

The reason you can feel whether a thought originated within you or elsewhere is that everybody has unique energy not quite like anybody else’s.

This energy print remains attached to the messages sent over a spiritual connection, and we can sense that spiritually – even if we can not sense it intellectually.

We can train this sense by regular meditative practice. The more familiar we are with our own energy patterns, the more we can recognize it when it is absent from a thought or idea.

And Everyone Else

Other than in these situations, the answer to the question is more than likely: No.

And remember, this will be the vast majority of cases. Sometimes you have spiritual connections that you are unaware of, but this is understandably rare and – in the case of there being no spiritual connection – we should not put too much stock in a thought.

If you still intuitively feel as though the thoughts you are having are foreign, then a session with a trained psychic might be on the cards.

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