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I Recently Had A Conversation With God Here Are 15 Things I Was Told

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BLuke Miller Truth Theory

I recently had a deep spiritual experience which you can read about here in which I felt many of life’s big questions were answered. There was no thought involved, it was as if the answers flowed through me and were given to me, not thought up by me. I don’t claim to hold any ultimate truth and your intuition is your biggest gift for filtering out information that does not resonate with you- but this is my experience of a conversation with God (the first point defines God):

  1. God is the same thing as science, consciousness and any of the religious or non religious things we have used to describe our creator. Prophet such as Buddha, Mohammed and Jesus experienced the same thing in different ways, then shared what they saw. Ultimately they saw creation, in its purest form and relayed that information. All holy books are merely a human translation of a godly experience, but they still hold the human element.

  2. We process this experience through our brains, but that is exactly what our brains are- processors of consciousness. This is why other people and animals experience things differently- they are running a different operating system. Think of the consciousness as the internet and our brains as the system that processes that internet- you can have a wire, wireless, fast, slow and a million other ways and speeds it is processed at- but we are all tapping into the same thing, and uniquely interpreting it in our way. Our systems can always be upgraded, you just need to know how.

  3. The next was our physical reality is dual and everything has its opposite- this is what the alchemists were communicating and trying to work out. How do you transcend duality? By understanding both sides of it. This was not 100% new to me however I also realised that there is a trinity to duality- the middle ground in which you can walk to become balanced. The holy trinity is actually duality with its central piece. The central ground of mind, body and soul is mind- as the body is the physical reality, the soul is spiritual reality and mind is where they meet- the brain (body) processing the consciousness (soul) to create a mix of the 2 (mind). The central ground for man and woman is child. The central ground for masculine and feminine energy is balanced. The central ground for hot and cold is warm. You go into both sides to fully realise the middle ground. This is why it is not always obvious, because you have to enter the world and commit to the understanding of a substance, there are many more layers to this, but this is the gist of it.

  4. I realised that the ultimate duality and perhaps the most important to determine the quality of your existence is that of fear and love- most live in a combination of the 2, but it is important which ones you predominantly feed as this determines the type of life you manifest.

  5. Both fear and love are tools for manifestation. That which you love grows, that what you fear grows.

  6. Love in its purest form is the sum total of all emotions experienced, then transcended to embody love for humanity.

  7. You transcend fear through love- if there is a part of yourself you hate (fear based) you transcend it by learning to love it, no matter how dark it is.

  8. We are the sum total of our parents- their trauma, their joy and everything in between manifested into a new person and then developed by our experiences. Meaning we carry all they carry then we pick up our own ways of being through our experiences. This is why it is important to heal trauma, as you pass on trauma through our DNA. It is very important to be at peace with your parents and children, even if the relationship cannot work for any reason. This works in the complete ancestral line- meaning we hold within us that which is healed and unhealed through all generations of our bloodline, this is why we have the ability to change so much by simply changing ourselves- we are laying the groundwork for future generations.

  9. We deal with issues through nonviolent confrontation, when I say non violent I am not just talking about physical violence, but emotional and verbal violence. Misdirected aggression is the root of all conflict. The best way to deal with an issue is immediately, with non violent confrontation. If you think of our troubles as a vine, when they first arise they are a tiny little baby vine with no grounding or deep roots- to deal with this you simply pull the root and it comes out of the ground- however, like all roots- the longer you leave them the deeper and more entangled they become. Before you know it the root has offshoots that all have a new consciousness of their own and the tiny root becomes unmanageable. All problems (no matter how big) once started as a tiny root that could simply be pulled, this is the best place to deal with the problem at hand. Non violent confrontation.

  10. There are many languages, not just verbal language- the reason this is important is verbal language can be used to deceive, whereas energetic language cannot. Donald Trump can say he is going to “make America great again” and people fall for the bullshit. If you understand the language of energy you can see that he is lying and has an alternative agenda. We actually all know this language, it is just a matter of recovering it.

  11. There is a very simple languages (no more than 10 words) that can describe all that needs to be described. This is not including artificial constructs created by human beings, for example in this language their would be no word for car- but their would be for transport, however this same word would have multiple other meanings also- this is why it would coincide with energetic language, so as not to cause confusion, but could also be interpreted differently depending on those listening, meaning a group conversation could be interpreted in multiple ways depending on who is listening.

  12. We are one thing, meaning the whole of the universe started as a single cell, that replicated and mutated in many forms. But at our roots we are still that single cell. The clouds, the moon, the plastic bags in the ocean- it is all just a manifestation of us- that single cell that started it all.

  13. God (as a metaphor) created life to try and realise itself- to fully express itself in all its form- god is a creator, not a controller- this is why we have free will and choice. But the very fact that we are all the same and quantumly entangled means we are guided if we choose this guidance.

  14. Life is infinite and goes infinitely outwards and inwards.

  15. Everything is perfect in all moments and we find peace with this by the realisation that- perfection is not what it is perceived to be- meaning everything is imperfectly perfect- but still perfect all the same.

There are plenty more questions and answers in this beautiful life, and in the infinite forms of existence that will precede. I look forward to it all! Please share this article with your tribe! Much love, Luke!


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Cristina Rodrigues July 7, 2017 - 10:08 pm

Wow awesome post! Would like to read more by you!

Love and Light!


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