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I Didn’t Choose Anxiety For Me, So Stop Asking Me To Take A Chill Pill

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There are millions of people in this world who suffer from depression and anxiety. No matter how hard they try, they find it impossible to get over it.

You Have No Idea What They Go Through

Hence they undergo many different therapies and consume umpteen numbers of pills. They spend so much time, money and energy on the recovery process and sometimes it is all in vain. For a normal human being, who has never faced any kind of depression or anxiety, it is very difficult to understand what others go through. We may think or say that a little bit of motivation and willpower will help those people get through depression. But it is easier said than done.

Hard To Recover

People think that anxiety or depression can be overcome with a click of a button. But the reality of the matter is that anxieties sometimes can be so intrinsic that it may take years for a person to get better. No one willingly chooses to have anxiety and hence they cannot get rid of it whenever they decide to do so.

Difficult to Detect

People have this misconception that those who are suffering from depression can be easily identified from among a group of people. But many psychologists have agreed that a person can seem completely fine and yet suffer from anxiety. All the pessimistic thoughts, images, and feelings keep on piling up on top of each other and then one-day people witness the outburst.

Tends to Relapse

Sometimes the negative thoughts are so strong that it takes a person back to where he started from and this usually happens when one starts believing that he can fully recover. Having a nice time with friends or sitting somewhere peacefully becomes a challenge.

They Cannot Chill Even If You Want Them Too

Anxiety and Depression happen to be mental illnesses and not life choices. It is not anything over which individuals have control. At that point in time, the prescribed drugs or even a blunt joint does not help one to calm themselves. It is very important to understand that anxiety or depression is as serious a matter as a fractured arm or broken bones in the body. One causes physical pain and the other affects you mentally.

So, you asking a depression patient to calm down or chill out, does not help them feel better. It only worsens how they feel about themselves for being there in the first place. Therefore, avoid giving advice that will only aggravate the problem. Instead,  urge them to consult a proper psychiatrist or mental health professional.

So, next time you meet a friend who is depressed, you might have no idea what to say but you sure you have some idea what not to say!

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