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2020 Numerology Says The Year Ahead Is Going To Bring Us Growth & Abundance

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by Conscious Reminder

As the second decade of the new millennium comes to an end, we are all eagerly waiting for the new year and the new decade.

Every new beginning has great energies in store for us and we must know how to make the most of these energies. So what does the numerology of the upcoming year say about our future?

According to numerology, the coming year is a year 4. The addition of all the digits of 2020 gives us 4 and the energy of this number will be reverberating throughout the year. This masculine number also has a hidden side.

Known to bring stability and strength, numerology says number 4 offers everyone renewed patience. This patient energy is something we rarely find without the help of this powerful number. Hard work and focus are associated with the number and these are the aspects that will be highlighted in the coming year.

The energy of the number 4 blesses us with pragmatism and the ability to notice the apparently irrelevant relationships amongst things. In 2020, we will find ourselves working in teams and getting things done efficiently.

For that is what this number encourages. While one’s personal number has a greater influence on one than the year number, we still feel its energies when we are near the digits of 2020.

2019 has been an intense and hectic year but the new year brings us calm. It will bring us new opportunities to grow ourselves and find security.

The new opportunities may not be as exciting or adventurous as we would like, but they would still set us up to be better aligned with our highest selves. So why not focus on where you are and what you are doing? It will surely benefit you in the coming year.

With the number 4 working extra hard to increase our focus, we will be busy finishing all the work we plan to do. 2020 will be a far more productive year than some recent years.

There will be plenty of opportunities to grow and succeed in the things we love to do. And no, not all of it will be related to your job. Personal growth will happen too.

The onslaught of the energies may be a bit difficult to handle in the initial months but soon we will be efficiently handling it all. We will be completely focused on working on the things we truly want and the Universe will grant us our wishes.

The harder and more efficiently we work with the energies of the number 4, the further we will move ahead in life. The new year brings a lot of positive energy to help us reach our true potential. We can focus on working on ourselves and build ourselves up.

The many energies and opportunities that will be thrown at us might seem like great hurdles that we have to cross. But that’s just our initial reaction.

The more we interact with these energies, the more we let the energies of the new year shape our lives, the better it will be for our growth. Give yourself some time to adjust to these energies and soon you will be rolling with the times!

So, tie all the loose ends for this year and prepare for the new year. Set your intentions right, focus on your personal growth, and have faith in the powers of the number 4. The new year has great things in store for us. Hold on till then!

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