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Who’s Archangel Azrael, the Angel of Death

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The angel that is called The Angel of Death is named Archangel Azrael. This name actually means “The Helper of God” or also “Whom God Helps.”

Being the death’s angel, Azrael helps the ones that die. However, the same title was also given to a lot of other angels like Archangel Metatron, Hemah, Abbadon, Kafziel, Mashit, Kezef, and Leviathan.

Archangel Azrael is the one that helps the ones that passed away and their souls to go away from the Earth so that they can arrive at the afterlife.

He even provides the ones that grieve their loved ones who passed away with comfort. Some other names under which he can be found are Azrail, Ashriel. Azra’il, Azriel, or Azariel. Usually, this archangel is associated with the Archangel Gabriel.

This archangel is even said to be The Angel of Destruction. Some other angels that are ‘honored’ with the destruction duty actually are Archangel Uriel, Harbonah, Angel Simkiel, Kemuel, and Af.

Archangel Azrael present in various religions.

According to the Islamic religion, this archangel is said to be The Angel of Death. Literally, this angel is called The Angel of Death in Qur’an’s sacred texts. They also call him Malak al-Maut, which translates the angel of death.

The Qur’an describes how Azrael discover the names of the dying ones. God reveals the names of the people to him when their death is about to come.

Angel Axrael does not know who is going to the following to die until God reveals the name.

After receiving the person’s name, he begins to prepare him or her. He separates the person’s soul from his physical body. After that, he returns the person’s soul to God.

The Christian religion also considers him The Angel of Death. In fact, there aren’t sacred texts which describe this angel as such, but Christians keep associating him with this harmful moment.

Traditions in Asia also describe Archangel Azrael as such. They depict him holding an apple from The Tree of Life at the nose of the person that is dying.

This is a ritual which helps the person in separating the soul from his or her physical body.

In fact, we can say that he is our lives’ patron. Every time someone is born, this angel writes down the name of that person in an enormous book up in Heaven.

And, after the death of this person, he erases the name from this book.

Even though he can appear sometimes evil, and sometimes holy, according to various sources, Archangel Azrael is The Angel of Death.

He is helping the souls of those that are dead. They keep the record of each birth and death in this world.

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