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This Week Is All About Transforming Into Who You Really Are

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

The October Full Moon might be in the past now, but the energies that it has set going are still strong as ever.

There are a lot of things coming towards you and so, it’s best that you get prepared for it. Full Moons begin a lot of opportunities. It does not matter under which zodiac sign you are – you will enter a new phase in life.

This signifies that there will be an energy change coming your way. You may not get what you truly desire, but then, what we desire may not be the thing we need right now.

And that thing of need is what the Full Moon energy is bringing to you. Here is how this week from 15th October will turn out for the zodiac signs:


Aries will feel aloof and out of place during this week. Your emotions are all swaying within you and so, it’s time for you to look inside and find the direction you are headed. You might be a hard worker but are the right things happening?


You will realize that there is nothing called perfection and it is impossible to reach it. While you might burden a lot of unrealistic expectations on someone close, you will start realizing that the journey towards meeting that expectation yourself is a long one. If you’re of the controlling kind, it’s time to let go and be at peace with letting go.


You are going through a period of confusion. People are slowly showing their true faces and many of them don’t wish to be with you. You feel neglected. Maybe now is the time to meet a fresh bunch of people.


Cancers always have the tendency to do a lot more to other people than to their own selves. As a result, you become a bit tired too due to the extreme energy drainage. It’s great that you are so selfless but sometimes, you need to find your own worth and take care of it. Or else, you will go through severe burnout phases.


This week is all about growing up but it may not be on your own terms. You might grow impatient but it’s time to control that feeling. You can’t always have what you want – be patient and be realistic.


Setting unrealistic expectations on others is your curse. You are always wanting a lot more from others and that becomes a negative character trait for you. However, this week will make you realize your problem and help you to tackle it.


It’s time to focus on who you are and not on someone else. Know your self-worth. You can be a pushover at times, but now, you need to change that. You have a life of your own, start living it by making yourself the focus.


This will be a fantastic week. Things will start to look up if you choose to move out of your shell and become who you truly are again. Do not let life put you down – you have more strength than you imagine.


The past will come back to haunt you but don’t let it conquer you. Don’t message your ex or get stuck in the thought-processes of the past. Forgive yourself and start to walk forward. Release yourself from the past.


Things might seem normal at first, but there are a lot of things taking place behind the veil of normalcy. A few days later, things might reveal themselves. Wait and be prepared.


Do not let anyone make you feel worthless during this period. These hurtful phases will only help you grow. So, find a way to learn from them.


It will be a frustrating week but you have to be true to who you are. Be passionate and don’t let others take decisions for you. During these changing times, you have to be your own master.

This week is going to be transformative. Be prepared.

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Dimitrinka Kujala October 19, 2019 - 12:06 am

I just sow your comments about the power of the Masters channeling 11:11 vibration to us. I have been using this vibration many years but only after moo in in House number 11 :11 I start to see the DNA newton’s and the powerful healing from the Masters. I also started to see more clearly past life and much more. Amazing. Thanks


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