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The Venus Star Loop Brings Some Powerful Energies You Shouldn’t Underestimate

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by Conscious Reminder

The study about Astrology is not a new thing in societies, with everyday discussions about signs in the Zodiac, as well as retrogrades of different planets which regularly happen, or feeds of social media; however, there are themes for which we are just less informed.

Nevertheless, it is quite significant to be aware that the lack of education actually is not diminishing the impacts of those events on our personal lives.

Even those people who are not really genuinely interested in astrology are aware that one of the well-known planets is associated with romance and love.

The powerful energy that this planet has is encouraging people to establish some purposeful relations, which include romance and friendships too, and even spreading tenderness, love, and happiness to the entire world.

At a time of direct action, it spreads positive energy which, in fact, adds some meaning to people’s lives. Moreover, the planet accepts beauty in various forms, which include arts, in that way encouraging people to appreciate literature, illustration, music, dance, drama, sculpture and a lot more.

However, there is some importance in the planet Venus’s movement which is frequently failed to notice. As we were growing older, our teachers and parents taught us about the precise orbit of all the planets, and about their route surrounding the Sun.

As they are moving, the power which is linked with them increases and wanes too, weakening, as well as intensifying. However, this process is then affected by the popular retrograde movement vs. direct activity, and the place of them in the planetary system in relation to planets in it too.

The planet of love, Venus, moves on a year cycle of 8 years, which is separated into some small 19-month loops. Every loop comes to the highest point of the energy on a position which is known as ‘star point.’

In fact, this all comes from the discovery that the planet Venus and the Sun join together on every 9.5 months, in that way signifying those star points, and the change from one interval to another. If the points were plotted, they would form a star, which is more familiar as the Venus Star.

At the moment, we experience the beginning of a brand new Venus Star loop that started on the 26th of October and is going to continue up to June, 2020, expecting its peak on the 14th of August next year.

You should not underestimate the effect which this energy can actually have on your own life. For instance, take a look at the last movement or rotation through the sign of Aries which actually matches with the rising of the Me Too movement, as well as the Women’s marches.

The period between October of this year and June two years later is going to move across some mysterious, as well as passionate energies of Scorpio, Leo – the confident one, and Gemini – the one that loves fun. Admittedly, it is going to bring exciting powers and energies into people’s lives.

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