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This Valentine’s Day Celebrate A Different Kind Of Love

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by Conscious Reminder

We all know that Valentine’s Day is celebrating romantic affection and love, and it looks like it is not related to that saint it has been named for.

The association of this day with amour started somewhere in the 14th century, which is almost 1000 years right after St. Valentine’s death.

Even though it is an excellent way of selling flowers and chocolates, and open people’s hearts too, the astrological connection with this holiday is a bit strange. Just as the connection, it has with the martyred priest. 

On the 14th of February, our Sun always falls in Aquarius. Although it is water bearer’s sign, Aquarius is not a water sign, but it is actually an air one, which is characterized by its head and not the heart.

This sign is all about community, collective ideas, and friendship, instead of couples. Aquarius has the tendency to be quite chilly, utilizing its intellect in order to take a step back and escape the world of messy feelings and achiever comprehension with its mind.

The love of Aquarius is universal instead of personal, and it often needs space for emotional breathing and independence, in order to counter intimacy’s confinement. 

Just like the sign of Aquarius, Valentine’s Day is much more about ideas than realities. The origins of this day actually reflected Middle Ages’ romanticism – the model concerning the spiritual instead of erotic love.

Romantic yearning was the desire for the divine connection and not for personal pleasure. Also, the partner has been the symbol for a God, and also for the wish to experience a sacred union. In fact, this is a model which comes much closer to the sign of Aquarius as it is the ideal rather than the physical reality.

The higher plane

For a lot of centuries, the myth about romance permeated the culture, so we have lost any sight of the higher meaning it had. While the personal love may be the sweet affirmation of desirability, or intimacy may serve as the wall against isolation, the human partnerships often fail to meet their highest hopes.

Also, the emotional, familial, financial and physical connection that people are sharing within them also have divine moments; however, they are not able to confer immortality and answer the greatest metaphysical questions of life. 

Romantic love is going to come with its strings attached. Conflicting values, jealousy, different tastes or desire are all tests for probably the most balanced and harmonious couples. Flowers, chocolate, champagne, together with good sex and good dinner try to erase all that illusion of separateness, but they cannot eliminate that altogether.

Selfless love

There is one connection which Aquarius actually has related to romantic love, and it is the opposition it has to the sign of Leo. This sign is one of our heart, and it represents how a person experiences amour.

Moreover, it is the rise of excitement which we feel somewhere in our chest when a person arouses our emotions and feelings. Also, it is how we express affection which flatters other people and warms us.

If Leo represents our heart, then Aquarius represents our circulatory system. And, water-bearers are distributors, which is another significant message related to another type of love, which Greeks call ‘agape.’

This love aligns with the community consciousness of the sign of Aquarius and also represents not so personal but noble and honest expression of human hearts.

When we give to other people without expecting something in return, we show the generosity of probably the most exceptional order. This is the reminder which says that a real gift for Valentine’s Day is going to be to contribute to charities or act as volunteers for a particular organization.

We are still allowed to give our flowers and chocolates for a personal romance; however, helping others in different ways is going to make the day of romance and love more complete.

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