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Feeling Extra Confused? Neptune Retrograde 2024 Will Have the Greatest Impact on These Zodiacs

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by Conscious Reminder

Neptune is widely recognized as the planet associated with illusions.

Get ready for a celestial twist as Neptune goes retrograde! The retrograde of Neptune in Pisces will commence today, July 2, 2024, and will persist until December 7, 2024. Get ready to experience the lasting impact of this collective influence throughout the remainder of the year, as it will have a profound effect on us as we move into 2025.

Neptune, one of the three outer planets in astrology, has a tendency to exert a more collective influence rather than affecting us on a personal level. However, it is worth noting that generational issues can eventually have a personal impact on us. Therefore, it is crucial to pay close attention to outer planet transits.

Keep reading to discover if your zodiac sign is among the select few that will be greatly influenced by the Neptune Retrograde in Pisces.

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Aries, get ready for a truly significant experience as Neptune goes into retrograde in Pisces. Given the simultaneous retrogrades of Saturn, Pluto, and Chiron, along with the Neptune retrograde and the lessons of the North Node in Aries, it is highly likely that many individuals will encounter significant turning points in their lives. It is crucial to approach your choices with the utmost care, as they have the potential to greatly impact the trajectory of your life.

The Sun, Mercury, and Mars in Aries will experience these effects more than other Aries placements. In the same way, individuals who have two or all three of these planets in Aries will encounter more significant crossroads compared to those who only have one Aries placement.

It is highly advisable to integrate a mindfulness practice into your daily routine without delay. Select the option that you will commit to, as it will assist you in maintaining a clear mind and making optimal decisions when necessary.

During this period, it is important to exercise caution and not place excessive reliance on others’ opinions. Neptune retrograde can have a significant impact on individuals’ perceptions, particularly if they are inclined towards delusional behavior, harbor profound personal insecurities, or possess a tendency to deceive themselves.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Those with the Sun, Moon, or Venus in Cancer should be prepared for increased attention from Neptune as it enters retrograde today. During the retrograde period, the days and weeks will uncover hidden aspects of your personality that may either surprise or concern those around you. However, it’s crucial to remember that those who are more observant have always seen these signs, so any concerns may be unfounded.

For certain individuals, this concealed aspect may indeed manifest as psychic abilities. For some, it may be the decision to not blindly follow the crowd and instead prioritize maintaining peace rather than causing unnecessary conflict. During Neptune retrograde in Pisces, individuals with a Cancer Sun, and, to a lesser extent, Moon in Cancer moon may undergo significant changes in their personal and political beliefs.

Neptune is associated with dreams, escapism, fantasies, and a sense of unrealism. When encountering something that seems too perfect, it’s important to let your innate sense of skepticism guide you. It will shield you from the potential negative consequences of this retrograde.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Scorpio, your ability to focus and observe is truly remarkable. This Neptune retrograde in Pisces will be just like any other. Indeed, it will enhance your innate psychic abilities and keen intuition when you detect even the slightest indication of questionable behavior. Be prepared for the possibility of losing some friends when you come to the realization that you were surrounded by deceitful individuals.

You can easily identify manipulative messaging on TV and in the news, especially in the political arena. If you are someone who actively advocates for social justice, whether it’s for climate change, human rights, food security, or any other cause, you might find yourself facing more challenges during the retrograde period. This is because Neptune has a tendency to amplify the delusions of those who willingly choose to be delusional.

Stay strong and keep your intuition open. With your clear-headedness, you can expect to come out on top, as the retrograde energy will actually enhance your problem-solving skills. Retrograde effects will likely influence individuals with the Sun, Mars, Venus, and Neptune in Scorpio more than those with different planetary placements.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Get ready, Pisces, as you may encounter some challenges during Neptune retrograde in your sign. Adding to the mix, Saturn retrograde is also making its way through your zodiac sign. Brace yourself for a bumpy ride. This combination is likely to cause some challenges for you.

Having the Sun in Pisces or Neptune in Pisces in your birth chart may result in unwanted individuals returning during this retrograde period. These individuals may include authority figures with whom you have unresolved conflicts, distant parents or friends, and even people from your past lives with whom you have unfinished business. They may enter your life as strangers, yet somehow they evoke a sense of familiarity.

We highly recommend adorning yourself with protective crystals that deeply resonate with your being for optimal clarity and personal boundary reinforcement during this challenging phase.

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