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Press This Hidden Button On Your Body To Relieve Your Stress & Anxiety

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by Conscious Reminder

People have always been skeptical about traditional Chinese medicine, but things are getting a completely new direction.

This one method of Chinese medicine was developed around 2500 years ago and is now being recognized to cure many physical and mental health problems, including anxiety and stress.

According to the old Chinese tradition, there are certain acupressure points in the human body, lying along lines of energy. These lines are referred to as energy meridians.

These energy meridians help to channel our life force, or qi, in traditional terminology. If the meridians are not working properly, we can try to stimulate them by applying acupressure techniques. According to traditional scriptures, the energy meridians add up to twelve, and connect the major functioning organs of the body as they pass through. These meridians keep your body in shape, and if one of them fails to work efficiently, the body loses its balance.

We can actually reduce the many side effects caused by anxiety and depression with the application of pressure in certain parts of the body. It’s a technique similar to acupuncture, only replacing needles with fingertips. For example, when you apply pressure on the CV 17 area, you’d feel positive results immediately.

CV 17 stands for ‘Conception Vessel 17’ and refers to the center of the chest. This region is basically the energy epicenter of the body and holds the emotions of an individual as per the Chinese system. When you are stressed, this area is the most affected, and it puts the body out of balance.

It is also said that the exact location of the CV 17 area helps to keep the levels of yin and yang energy within the human body in an equilibrium. Acupressure professionals believe that even a light amount of pressure on the CV 17 region can cure nervous problems and strengthen the immune system.

  • The CV 17 area is to be located in the center of what is called ‘the sea of tranquility’. It is about four fingertips above the breastbone, which is almost central to the chest.
  • First, identify the area by gently rubbing up and down your breastbone. It can be identified by locating the small indention.
  • Now, sit upright and place your palms together to form the ‘prayer pose’.
  • Apply mild pressure in the CV 17 with the help of your thumb knuckles. Keep on pressing for 2-3 minutes.
  • Close both eyes.
  • Don’t be tensed. Keep on inhaling and exhaling maintaining the normal regularity.
  • Keep your posture straight, but let your neck and shoulders be relaxed.
  • Also, if you’re having difficulties to sleep at night, try to gently tap this area with your fingertips. You’ll surely get a positive result.

However, the CV 17 area is not only a button to reduce stress and anxiety, but also can be effectively applied in cases of depression, fatigue, hormonal imbalances and PTSD. Let us know if that helped!

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