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Mercury Is Turning Direct On March 28, But It’s Not Going Away Without First Putting Up A Fight

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by Conscious Reminder

Mercury will turns direct at 23° Pisces 44′ on March 28th, after over three weeks of retrograde motion. Mercury will stay in its post-retrograde shadow until April 17, 2019.

Many people found this Mercury retrograde period quite difficult to deal with, and things aren’t peachy yet. Unfortunately,  Mercury will give us one final blow before it starts going direct.

In most cases, the day Mercury goes direct is a sigh of relief. However, in this case, the planetary aspects are not so favorable. Mercury will turn direct in Pisces, and make a conjunction with the planet Neptune

This position is no good, I mean, for those of us who want to function and communicate properly.

People looked quite distracted this retrograde period; looking like they are drifting somewhere. They’re just out to sea, somewhere. In a number of cases, “the sea” has been a Pisces-ruled, hospital! Yes, many accidents took place.

My point is, Mercury is closing in on Neptune at this time, and things can get even more tense.

It’s the best time to show understanding and practice patience. If there is someone that means to you a lot, and they are not giving the attention, please, give the the benefit of the doubt. The person is likely caught up in something that they have no control over.

This foggy, delayed, evasive, confusing, disappearing freaky time will continue through the first week of April, but then things will get better.

So, if you found a trick how to navigate through Mercury retrograde/retroshade, now is the perfect time to start using it!

What turning direct means?

A planet that changes motion is actually a strong phenomenon. For three weeks period, the planet Mercury was out of the usual orbit, which means that turning direct once again is not going to be that easy.

What, in fact, occurs when some planet is moving from its retrograde phase to a direct shift or motion is actually similar to waking up from a profound sleep. The planet will definitely need some more time in order to drink the cosmic coffee, as well as entirely regain its consciousness.

We will know that the planet gained its full strength once again when it will reach the degree on which it originally went retrograde, and after that pass it. This may take several weeks. However, we should not stress over this, as this period will not be like the cycle of the retrograde of Mercury.

Actually, we will be prepared to apply everything we learned at the time of the retrograde into our reality from now.

The planet will need several days in order to get back on its track, and we will notice those differences. From today on, the planet is going to get stronger with each new day.

One interesting thing will be that although Mercury is going to need some time in order to regulate the orbit, the day when it is turning direct will be a powerful one. It will be like the planet is going to be wide awake for some time.

During that day, or also the next one, there is a possibility of experiencing some unbelievable clarity for all those problems we were facing during the retrograde.

We need to be patient, however, as it is going to take some greater time before we are prepared to execute this new clarity with some success.

Meanwhile, while the planet is direct, the following couple of days we will be free and advised to sign some contracts, schedule an important meeting, lead to important conversations, as well as make significant decisions. We should stay confident in pushing ahead with all those things which require the use of our mind.

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