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20 Signs That Might Suggest You Are A Natural Energy Healer

by consciousreminder

A healer is someone that heals or attempts to heal. A person skilled in a particular type of therapy. People who treat illness or suffering by calling forth divine help or by attempting to control the body with the mind and spirit. Since prehistoric times healers have used such techniques as anointing with oil, the laying on of hands, and prayer.

Many natural energy healers wind up in overtly healing professions, such as medicine, psychology, or life coaching. They’ll take part in various forms of sacred activism and spend their lives healing the planet, for example, rather than healing people. But some end up in professions where they may feel like they don’t fit in at all.

So, if you are having doubts that you might be one of those people, you may want to check out these 20 Signs that might suggest you are a natural energy healer. 

  1. You feel extreme empathy, often feeling emotions and experiences as physical sensations of pain and hurt.
  2. People find it soothing to be around you.
  3. Rarely anyone around you gets sick.
  4. You have been diagnosed with anxiety or panic disorders.
  5. You have been diagnosed with any mood disorder.
  6. You think of solutions for other people’s problems.
  7. You have a strong urge to help others, even at your expense.
  8. You’re already in a traditional healing field – medical workers, massage therapists, chiropractors, guidance counselors, physical therapists, veterinarians or vet techs, and more.
  9. You frequently experience heightened awareness in public places – difficulty breathing or nervous butterflies.
  10. People turn to for comfort, problem solving, and kind words during difficult times and you never fail to help.
  11. You find yourself feeling like problems of others are dumped on you for fixing.
  12. You’re frequently drained at the end of the day, especially on days involving large amounts of social interacting.
  13. You’ve noticed that you know your way with animals.
  14. Small children and animals are often drawn to you, even when they’re shy around others.
  15. Complete strangers spill their life stories to you without asking.
  16. You regularly experience shoulder and neck pain, headaches or digestive issues.
  17. Your friends and coworkers regularly ask for your opinion on possible romantic prospects or new job hires.
  18. You show a lot of interest for Spiritual based healing methods like energy healing, reiki, and shamanism.
  19. Your hands and palms often feel tingly – pins and needles, buzzing, throbbing, vibrating, or pulsating.
  20. The beauty and healing properties of crystals attract you.

AUTHOR’S NOTE TO THE READER: I have been having, maybe, more than 15 of the symptoms on this list for quite some time and I was perfectly unaware of their meaning. I did’t really think I was any different, because I was quite young and I genuinely believed that all people felt the same. Fast forward 10 years, here I am writing this article, surrounded with my crystals and I had just got off the phone with my Reiki teacher! Who would have thought!?

Give it a thought! You might be one of usTHE LIGHTWORKERS!

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Matthew April 7, 2017 - 12:23 pm

Nice article, it seems I have many of these traits except the field of healing. I do research though from time to time on various human sicknesses though and try and think of solutions. I always come back to it has a resonance so it can be cured with vibrational methods.

Arie April 8, 2017 - 3:43 am

I always seemed drawn to help people and have many crystals. Children are drawn to me as well. I’d love to learn Reiki and do that but sadly I haven’t been able. I’m miserable in the job I have and want to have something I enjoy.

Nicole September 10, 2017 - 7:55 pm

Okay, I match this description…now what?


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