This Weekend, The Moon and 5 Planets Will Be Visible On The Night Sky Without A Telescope

by Conscious Reminder

Due to the constraints that have been placed upon our movement this year, the only thing we have to look forward to is the celestial events.

And this weekend, we are going to get exactly that. Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, along with the Moon, will shine bright in the night sky.

The best part? We wouldn’t have to use our telescopes for this. According to CNET, the five celestial bodies will be visible to us before Sunrise – almost 45 minutes before – on 19th July.

Get ready, night gazers! Astronomers suggest that the first step would be to go out of your house and look up at the sky.

Then you can try to locate the 4 brightest stars in the night sky- they would be the 4 planets Mars, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn. While finding Mercury might be tricky, you could use binoculars and shift your focus directly to the right of the Moon.

Venus would be in the South-East, Jupiter in the South-West, and Saturn just to the left of Jupiter.

There are a few apps around that might help you with the process. Google Sky, Star Walk, and Night Sky will help you locate the planets. And even if you miss out on the morning of 19th July, you will have a few more mornings till the 25th of July to see the planets.

But you might not be able to see the Moon then. If you miss the entire event, then you might have to wait till July of 2022. While the celestial objects would be visible to people from both hemispheres, there will obviously be a few shifts.

Don’t forget to find out the precise locations of these wonderful planets based on where you are located so that you don’t miss out on this wonderful event.

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