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9 Ways That Falling In Love With A Spiritual Girl Will Shake Up Your World

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

According to Buddha, “Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life.” Well, the same thing goes for spiritual women.

Additionally, spiritual women, in particular, all possess the innate ability to positively impact the lives of the people around them in addition to their own life.

Even though there probably aren’t any good reasons not to partner-up with a spiritual woman, check out the list below so that you know precisely what you are missing out on—or to remind yourself of all that you have if your partner is a spiritual woman!

She believes in fate, but she doesn’t rely on it.

Small miracles like buying perfect clothing at deep discounts or making it to a bus stop at exactly the right time (barely!) deserve to be appreciated, but more universal achievements such as getting degrees and promotions must be strived for and earned 100%.

In other words, she trusts that the Universe holds a positive and successful path for her, but she also believes that it’s always possible to go off-course if proper (and reasonable) focus isn’t maintained. And if something doesn’t work out, this ideology enables her to accept it, to move on, and to try harder.

She’s genuine.

She knows the person who she is, she knows the person she wants to be, and her actions are consistent with these truths and beliefs.

In other words, she’s always herself, and “herself” just happens to be entirely honest and amazing in general. What’s more, spiritual women are able to intuit genuineness (or lack of genuineness) in other—so lookout!

She’s in love with life (and humanity in general).

Every day is perceived as being a gift and a privilege, and it seems silly and inefficient to waste even a minute thinking about judging someone (spiritual women go straight to trying to empathize).

She knows that there are positive aspects to virtually everything in everyday life, so she embraces the good aspects wholeheartedly, and learns from the bad aspects in order to do present and future good.

She’s in love with learning (and evolving).

So she’s incredibly aware of the fact that she’ll never be able to know everything, despite her most diligent efforts. Moreover, she realizes that she’ll never truly stop growing mentally, emotionally, or as a human being.

She’s also learned to always keep a cool head and be reasonable, and she judge’s character by actions (and words) instead of appearance.

She knows that the future is never 100% certain—so she shapes it as much as possible.

It’s her belief that the Universe will send her a positive enough “draft” of life that she will be fully capable of perfecting it (with adequate focus and effort).

What’s more, life wouldn’t be nearly as exciting, as enjoyable, and especially as surprising if the future was 100% certain, anyway.

She has strong faith in general—and in the right things and ways.

Spiritual women have the instincts to never give up on worthy people or worthy endeavors. As a result of this, they have a lot of experience overcoming significant issues; they are fully aware that virtually anything in life can be overcome with adequate support, willpower, and ambition.

She values human beings and the environment over computers and new technology.

She values thoughtfulness and “being green” more than Facebook and the latest iPhone.

She believes in global and Universal Compassion.

The majority of fortunate (as in rich) humans beings on Earth have earned all the gifts and privileges they’ve received—but all human beings who are fortunate must take it upon themselves to make unfortunate human beings more fortunate. All human beings, in general, should volunteer, donate, and pay life forward.

She perceives herself as being part of the Universe.

As such, she feels a greater sense of responsibility than most individuals do, but she also feels incredibly more connected with the Earth (and all of its resources and inhabitants).

Spending adequate time with living plants and animals can be just as vital as spending time with friends and family—all of these things are essential in order to realize true calmness, relaxation, and enjoyment of life.

Without experiencing the whole spectrum of human thoughts, feelings, and emotions, spiritual women would not be able to positively affect every single human being who allows a spiritual woman to connect with them—as has always been the case, and as will always be the case.

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