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If You’re Showing These Symptoms, Your Third Eye Might Have Opened By Accident

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by Conscious Reminder

The opening of your third eye is no small event so even if you’ve done it unconsciously, you’ll know that it has happened soon enough. Here are some of the indicators you should watch out for.

1. The Way You Perceive Hues And Light Changes Drastically

The third eye activates the sixth sense all around us. What is essential to note here is that the sixth sense is the most powerful of all senses.

With the opening of the third eye, all colors are more radiant, you catch whiffs of strange odors and you think you’ve touched or heard something that isn’t even there. These changes become the norm when your third eye is open.

2. Bizarre And Realistic Dreams Prevent You From Sleeping Well

Probably the first warning you’ll receive about your stimulated third eye, the sharpening of your senses will enable you to receive communication through telepathy from other realms.

You will be able to view these messages while you are asleep and your subconscious is at its strongest making your dreams bizarre and chaotic. Soon enough, you will most likely require medicines to help you rest and this will cause your third eye to close again.

3. Migraines And A Strange Heavy Feeling

Due to the instability of the chakras in your body, they are unable to purify the energies that flow through you.

The more energy that enters, the more problems you will face as the burden on your chakra networks continues to build up. It is also imperative that you visit your physician if the migraines start troubling you.

4. You Are No Longer Sure What Is Real

The activation of your third eye can distance you from reality. Everything around you feels like you’re dreaming because you have become linked to other worlds through your open third eye.

This makes you aware that a lot more exists out there apart from the version of reality you are familiar with.

5. Changes Occur In Your Relationships

Increased perception helps you gain a better understanding of your bonds with others. Everything you considered to be the truth might be exposed for the falsehoods that they are.

There’s no better lie detector than an open third eye. All these new insights might prove to be too much for leading you to end quite a few relationships.

The third eye is one of the most powerful tools that have been granted to mankind. It would be wise to be trained in it before utilizing it.

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