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Spiritual Meaning Of July 2022 New Moon In Leo

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by Conscious Reminder

The loveliest lunation is coming up and bears some blessings that can make your wildest dreams come true. The July 2022 New Moon will be making some planetary connections that will light your heart up with good feelings and fuel your desire to chase your passions.

You need to know more about the July 2022 New Moon in order to maximize the magic it had to offer.

New moon are always associated with new beginnings and this dark phase is regarded to be a reset point for the monthly cycle of the moon.

The alliance of these lunations will help you to connect with your intuitions and take the initiative to pursue your goals.

The lunation will take place on July 28 and will hit in the sign of Leo. So, it is the perfect time for you to follow what your heart desire and chase new endeavors.

The Spiritual Meaning Of July 2022 New Moon

The month of July is filled with confidence and will help you to shift your focus onto manifesting the desires in your heart. The zodiac energy of Leo is about warmth, positivity and passion, so you need to keep your goals under the spotlight. This will help you to channel Leo’s energy and embody the fabulous versions of yourself.

This is a great opportunity for you to think beyond your earlier thoughts and move ahead with great trust in your abilities to make magical things happen.

Once can also attribute this lunation’s magic to the fiery trine, taking place between the Moon, Sun and Jupiter. The connection offers a punch of good luck, optimism and increases your potential in all of your endeavors.

New Moons are regarded to be great supports of new beginnings, but this one is suited for setting high intentions and leveling up to the things that you think you can achieve.

Jupiter is all about expansion. Its presence in Aries adds to the boldness to push past your previous boundaries and complete new tasks.

You will also have to work with romantic energy as Venus will make a sextile aspect with Mars during this lunation.

This connection will help you set up relationship-related intentions so keep an eye out for sparks between you and your special one.

Working With July’s New Moon Energy

This lunation is the ideal moment for manifestation in 2022, so collect your candles and crystals and get ready for the magic.

The energy of Leo wants to shine the brightest, so do not doubt your abilities or settle for small things. Focus on the things that you want to achieve, while this lunation reminds you of the importance of believing in your own potentials.

You should primarily allow yourself to claim lofty desires.

When it comes to the matters of the heart, Leo is the go-to sign. It indulges in the things that shower happiness and joy while heating up your passionate sides.

The Leo New Moon in July will be the best time for you to cast a spell of love that brings in romance in your life and luck into your relationship.

Leo is also associated with passion and creativity, so boost the intentions that are linked with your hobbies or artistic goals.

All you need to do is to channel this inspiration into your vision and create an ultimate goal. This is what will motivate you to keep working for the set goals.

Aim for the stars, with the lunation by your side and Leo’s confidence will help you reach for the moon.

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