The Invisible Thread Between Two People Who Are Meant To Be Together


Legend has it there’s an intangible string of fate that binds two people destined to be together. Those connected are bound regardless of time, place or circumstance.

Nothing can break the invisible thread between two people who are meant to be together.

The Invisible Thread Between Two People Who Are Meant to Be Together


1. Red.

The color red is strongly tied to attraction and desire. It is also the color of the string of fate that binds two soul mates.



  1. What if you feel the thread but the other person doesn’t, and they use you and hurt you, mentally and physically, but you can’t seem to run away…

    • That tells you that that is not the correct person that is meant to be attached to you consciously or unconsciously. You will know in your core being if this is the person that you should be with for life because of the love you remember receiving. Love doesn’t hurt. Love inspires. Love uplifts. Love oozes love. Love daydreams. Love gives off hugs and kisses internally. Love never disappoints. Love loves. When you feel these kinds of feelings from “the one” and they feel this way too, then you will know that this is person that is tied to your ankle with the red string.


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