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Love By Numbers: Here’s What Numerology Has To Say About Your Romantic Life

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by Conscious Reminder

Numerology studies numbers and employs this knowledge in understanding human characteristics and behavior. As such, numerology can predict quite a few things about someone’s love life based on their birthday.

For someone born on 1st March, 1993, their number is 1+3+1+9+9+3= 26, which further comes down to 2+6= 8. This is how you calculate your number, and here is what numerology has to say about your love life.


Those whose number is 1, also crave to be the number one in relationships. They are flashy and unnecessarily aggressive. They tend to dominate their partners. They are the ones who always take initiative. However they can also be pompous and have a sort of superiority complex.


These people are in direct opposition to their predecessor. They are very loving and caring. They care for the relationship and their partner enough to even make changes in themselves if they feel it necessary for the mutual happiness of them and their partners. They provide security and stability in a relationship.


These are the crazy and the curious bunch. In life and in the bedroom, they like to be inquisitive and always question the norm. They like experimenting and love making is no different in that regard. For them it is all about happiness and how to achieve it.


They don’t care much for sex, or even romance for that matter.  However, they do care about their partners a lot and therefore for the happiness of the latter are happy to indulge. For them the matters of love are very solemn and grave and not to be toyed with.


This is the number that defines passion. They have a very aggressive sexuality and for them sex can even be violent, as long as it is good. People from opposite sex definitely find them very attractive and even irresistible at times.


For the number 6 people, harmony is of the utmost importance. They would do everything to ensure that there is amicability in the relationship and life in general. They are family people and give importance to home. It is better for them to be with people who want the same stability.


These people are generally very devoted and caring. But it is also very common for them to keep to themselves and so it can get a bit difficult to love them. The good thing though, is that they don’t care about materialistic prosperity and more interested in a spiritual union.


In direct opposition to number 7 individuals, number 8 crave materialistic power. And they don’t even mind using sex as a means to their own ends. They care more about looks and possible gains in a match than love.


These people are some of the most caring individuals when in a relationship. They care to the point of being taken for granted. Sometimes they also misread the signs and confuse someone’s physical advances for love. When in a relationship they need support from their partner.

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