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The Law of Manifestation

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Here we are going to the deeper aspect of manifestation and how you can use this law to manifest your desires.

The Law of Manifestation

The Law of Manifestation is about creation. It is creating what you want. The source of manifestation is thought.

From thoughts become imagination which carries the energy from the Universe and make reality.

All imaginations have the potential to be real.

It’s very subtle, but manifestation is carrying a concentrated energy to the direction of what you want.

You have to realize that you are a creator of your reality, that every step you take is a creation on a energetic or quantum level because you are interacting with the Universe with every step.

And I don’t mean to read this and say “I am Now a Creator.”

You can’t know that you are a creator or know how to manifest by reading one article.

You have to Become it through experience.

To do that, meditate on being One with the Universe and feel how you are connected to everything around you.

You are Always Manifesting

You are always manifesting because it is never stationary.

From the moment you wake up, lift your hand and make a decision, you create the path which you walk on.

For example, if you never lift yourself out of your bed, you can’t create the opportunities that only exists outside your bed.

And every morning we may not be aware of what we are creating every day.

Sometimes we might even believe that it’s impossible to get out of bed. We give excuses not to get out of bed. We think that fate makes us stay in bed.

How ridiculous you might say!

But all our manifestations are like the example of the bed and we may find that it’s ridiculous once we overcome our limiting beliefs.

When we become aware of what we think, feel and act, we can change the direction of our life.

Our manifestation begins with ourselves. All change begins with awareness.

The Driver of Manifestation

But who is doing the manifesting? Who is the driver of manifestation?

For one, it is NOT your conscious mind.

It is your unconscious mind that runs 95 – 99% of your life, according to Neuroscientists.

Dr. Bruce Lipton has shown that our genes are controlled by how we perceive and interpret reality.

If we see the world positively, our life reflects our programming. If we are open to new experiences, we will experience them.

So what does this mean?

If you want to manifest, you access your unconscious mind.

If you attempt to consciously and try hard to do something, it will meet resistance with your subconscious mind.

And what resists persists.

If we don’t first change the limiting belief in our unconscious mind, no positive thinking or affirmations will have any effect.

When we are manifesting, first see the possibility and then the reality of our manifestation.

Our perception of reality should be the first manifestation before we manifest our desires.

Synchronicity and Manifestation

Synchronicity is the meaningful coincidences that happen in our life.

But is it mere coincidence or something else?

Carl Jung believed that Synchronicity was not mere coincidence but the manifestation of some dynamics.

This pattern is a connection that is not explained by cause and effect.

What the Observer Effect experiment demonstrated was that matter and consciousness interact on a Quantum level. A particle moves when there is an observer.

This only shows to tell you that the subjective world, our inner world, is connected to the external world.

As we are always manifesting, our internal world is interconnected to the Universe.

What Can I Do With the Law of Manifestation

So now that you learned that:

  • Manifestation is You in creation
  • The driver is your unconscious mind
  • Our inner world is interconnected with the outer world

We can get to know ourselves, our unconscious and true selves. And from that position, we get to manifest our desires onto reality.

In other words:

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” – Mahatma Ghandi


You manifest what you are, not what you want.

See first who you are and how you fit in your new manifestation.

It all starts with realization, awareness, and perception of your reality.

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