What Astrology Predicts For The Year’s First Mercury Retrograde

by Conscious Reminder

2022’s first Mercury retrograde will start on Jan 14. It will take place in Aquarius and return to Capricorn.

But, from Feb 3, Mercury will station direct once more. Usually, there are 3 Mercury retrogrades in one calendar year. But sometimes, like in 2022, there can be four. It is a Universal sign to reduce our pace, and think about ourselves, especially the health of our minds.

Mercury is the ruler of our minds. As such, Mercury retrogrades are chances for evaluating our thoughts, and the things we should focus on. The planet is also the ruler of contracts. So we might have to adjust our commitments and promises.

Communication With Our Minds

Additionally, Mercury also rules over communication. So during a Mercury retrograde, we can experience miscommunications or have to adjust our method of communication. There is a constant conversation between our energy and the Universe. Whatever energy we sent to the world returns to us.

During this period of retrograde, try to think about your communication with your surrounding world and how it replies. There are always signs being sent by the Universe.

To be good at communication, we need to know the art of listening. This retrograde will be the perfect chance for listening to the rhythms, clues, and signs sent by the Universe.

Mercury Retrograde usually has a bad reputation. However, this period is very spiritually encouraging for connecting with the subconscious and intuition. Mercury retrogrades are also one of the best times for focusing on dreams.

When Mercury retrograde takes place in Aquarius from Jan 14 till Jan 27, the focus is going to be on mental processes.

This energy will give us the chance to re-mold some of our most important thoughts. Remember, our thoughts hold immense power. So take the chance to listen intently to what they are saying.

During this period pay extra attention to your mental conversation and the subject of that conversation. Think if they are aligned with your present opportunity and abundance. Or, perhaps, they constantly make you retreat out of fear.

The Capricorn Influence

From Jan 27 till Feb 3, the Mercury retrograde will be in Capricorn. During this period, the focus will be on commitments and contracts that have already been made.

They can be written or verbal. Think of the commitments towards yourself that you want to do and the agreements that no longer serve you. As Mercury retrograde through Capricorn, questions like this can come up again and again.

Moreover, most of the Mercury retrogrades in 2022 will be through earth signs. As such, these questions regarding commitments will be a continuous theme for the majority of this year.

Nevertheless, this retrograde will help reshape our commitments, both past ones as well as those yet to be made. Some of them might have to be thrown away while some new commitments might need to be added. Mercury retrogrades in earthly signs have everything to do with taking inspired action.

During the January retrograde, Venus will also be joining Mercury until Jan 29. Both of these planets are quite close to our Sun, as such their retrograde energies are pretty powerful. This may make us feel sluggish.

A retrograde is usually not the time for moving forward. Retrograde energies are intense and can first need us to move backward before moving forwards. Take the moment to honor stillness and pause and immerse yourself in reflection.

Eventually, there will be cosmic waves that will propel us toward progress. However, for the time being, there is absolutely nothing wrong with holding on to our present life.

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