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Candles Are An Essential Part Of Spiritual Rituals: These Are Their Powers

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by Conscious Reminder

Candles come in so many different shapes and sizes depending upon the occasion or purpose for which they are being used. Well, that is not what makes the candles so special.

Their holy significance and their use in bearing the sacred fire during several rituals is what has made them find a distinctive place in our lives. Just like when we celebrate someone’s birthday, we create an ambiance of energy by clapping around the lit candles before they blow them in order to consummate the connection with the stellar world.

The candles are associated with thrillers and supernatural occurrences. They are perceived as an icon of radiance, motivation and a link to the holiness. Candle is the bearer of fire which is a crucial part of the circle of creation and destruction. Fire is a natural element that has the ability to transform energy from one form into another.

The magic of candles is unique because of its suppleness. Making small changes in a ritual, the whole purpose can be re-defined from a peace bringing one to looking for a spouse, to establishing a stellar connection, to trying to gain insights of what is about to happen and what not.

A religious practice involving candles can be completed with one single candle or may even involve hundreds of them. The practice may wind up in a day and also can go on for days.

This practice that we speak of, is bigger because candles are a part of it. Properties like the preparation method, their shade and the qualities also play a major role in defining the purpose. Therefore the candles are used to symbolize the magic in order to give a powerful commencement to a ritual as we all know that fire represents cerebral horizon and commotion, and activates all the forces of nature.

Also, to gather the blessing of angels we use colored candles. This is just to specify the color that our aura caries. It helps the guardian angels to better understand what we are trying to communicate.

Messages that Candles bring from the Angels

1. There is a delay in lighting up of the candle: There are hindrances and obstacles in building up the connection.
2. There is an overlapping blue tint: This identifies with the presence of positive energies and fairies.
3. Flame not stable: It means that your request won’t be fulfilled in the exact same way.
4. Changing height of flame: You must focus on a singular thought as your request appears to be confusing. Here you got to clear your mind and try focusing again.
5. Glitters are induced in air by the flame: The angel brings another entity to act as a communication medium. At first it might be dissatisfying but it all turns out to be best of everyone.
6. The flame coils: This means that the request has been listened to and will be realized.
7. Pointy tip: Again a positive sign suggesting that your luck favors you in fulfillment of your request.
8. More wax melts down: The link is not proper and the request cannot be heard.
9. Blackness in the melted wax: It suggests that more prayers are needed to gather enough energy.
10. Flame vanishes: It means that a partial solution will be offered.

Things to keep in mind while using a Magic Candle

Keep the candles and bowls meant for magic separately and solely for this purpose. Spend some time with the candles to create a connection and transfer some energy. Use only match sticks to light the candles. Do not reuse a candle ever. Try buying fewer candles for magic at a time. Take care of the amount of time a ritual would require the candles to hold up.

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