Pay Attention To What Your Body Is Trying To Tell You

by Conscious Reminder

Usually, people will only pay better attention to their bodies at times when they are not behaving, just like they would like them to behave.

However, there is definitely greater availability to them: the natural and symbiotic connection with their bodies, where the two-way type of communication will be the key.

Human bodies communicate in energies, and that is their first language. However, the problem is that many people aren’t aware of this.

Why do people not listen to their bodies?

Well, the reality is that human bodies know exactly what kind of nourishment they require and would always enjoy. Moreover, they know what clothes they want to wear or the activities they want to do. They have awareness and gentle insistence almost around every single thing that concerns them. They have points of view.

Here are the two steps which will help people tune into their bodies:

Step 1: They should recognize they are infinite beings.

The bodies of humans are their vehicles for the lives they are living, while they, the beings, are infinite. They all have their awareness and their viewpoints, and they can actually exist together harmoniously.

They should try this:

An easy and quick exercise which will help them find the difference between their bodies (the vehicles) and them (the infinite beings):

First, they should close their eyes, and then expand their energies out in the room they are in. After that, they should reach the room’s walls and then go right beyond them. They should notice that they can. They should notice that when they want to, they are able to go further. After that, they should expand about 100 miles out in every direction, and notice how easily they can do that. If they choose, they can circle their planet. It is not their physical body, which is expanding, but it is their being. In this way, they will see that they are infinite.

Step 2: They should recognize they bodies are aware.

Every person, every plant, every structure found on this planet is aware – and human bodies aren’t an exception. The relationship of people with their bodies can be made more profound by asking some questions from a present and open place, and then from listening.

They should try this:

They should start with foods. At breakfast, rather than auto-piloting their ways to granolas, they should ask: Body, what do you want to eat?

After that, they should be open, present, and also listen carefully. What do they sense, or what do they pick up? They should start asking their bodies about everything concerning them: clothes, foods, movement, or even the individuals they get intimate with. They should be patient because sometimes it will take time to simply rebuild their connection, while sometimes it will happen all of a sudden.

Step 3. Human bodies are psychic receivers.

Human bodies are like sponges. They can absorb thoughts, energies, and even judgments of others around them. Moreover, they may try healing the suffering and pain of every person around them. This means that at times, people experience pain, that pain might not even be their pain. When they feel angry or sad, or even afraid, these might not be their feelings.

Recognizing that everything they feel in their bodies might not be theirs paves the ways for releasing solid energies which might also be limiting them.

They should try this:

For every pain they will experience during the following three days, they should ask: Body, who is the owner of this?

They aren’t looking for some conclusive answers. Simply being open and believing that what they are feeling or experiencing might not be theirs and having the will to release anything that does not belong to them will be an excellent beginning.

Human bodies are human’s gifts. People should always be with tier bodies with complete presence and zero judgment. They should take proper care of their bodies, get to know them better, and enjoy them.

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