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Chakra Meditation And The Benefits Of Practicing It

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by Conscious Reminder

Chakra meditation represents a really significant meditation which every person should practice from time to time.

It is a type of meditation which slows down the vibration or frequency of the body of the person that practices it. Hence, the chakra centers will be better open than the person may think.

The chakra centers usually absorb vibrations coming from outside. Such vibrations may be useful, but they may also be useless, low or high. Each chakra center may be low or high.

The vibrations of the chakra centers may also be low or high. However, they may have various vibrations levels, so chakra meditation is going to equalize the vibration of the centers in a lower frequency simultaneously.

Chakra meditation has been created to balance and stabilize the frequencies of our seven levels. The seven levels actually are emotional, physicals, intellectual, celestial, astral, ketheric, and etheric. In the chakra meditation, we need to attempt to actually slow down our vibration, then focus on our breathing, and imagine our chakras.

Here are a few steps we should follow during chakra meditation:

We should sit in some comfortable and relaxing position with our back aligned. In this way, our chakra centers are going to be aligned too.

∼ After that, we should breathe balanced and slowly. We should exhale and inhale deeply and slowly too. We should try to exhale and inhale on the identical count. And, the most significant thing for us would be to find balance in our breathing rhythm.

∼ When we feel relaxed, and prepared to keep going, we may start the imagination. We should take our attention to our root chakra. We should imagine it, together with its color red. Then, we should imagine how it slows down, and how its frequency also slows down.

∼ Then, we should move upper, and imagine our sacral chakra. It is colored orange. We should imagine how the beautiful sacral chakra, colored orange, slows down.

∼ After that, we should move to our navel chakra. We should imagine this yellow chakra right in our abdominal zone, and see how it slows down.

∼ The next chakra will be the green heart chakra. We should imagine how it moves and slows down.

∼ After that, we should start slowing down the vibrations of our throat chakra. This one is colored blue and is beautiful.

∼ Then, we should move to our indigo or third eye chakra. We should imagine how it slows down.

∼ Moreover, we should not forget to keep our breathing balanced all the time. It is going to slow down our entire body’s vibration.

∼ Before finishing chakra meditation, we have also to slow down our crown chakra’s vibration. This one is beautiful and colored in purple. Imagining the colors of the chakras is really important. It will improve our concentration, and also our meditation.

∼ After that, we will be able to hurry up our breathing. We should open our eyes when we feel that we can. We should stand up easily and slowly.

∼ Chakra meditation isn’t a difficult one. We can find a lot of easily guided meditation practices online. All we need to do is close our eyes, and relax. We should do what the voice from inside says. We should practice this particular meditation frequently.

We have to take proper care of the chakras from time to time. They are fundamental to us. They are keeping the balance between our levels of living.

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