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Some People Will Only Love You When You Stop Loving Them

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You will meet some people in life who will only learn to appreciate you when you’re gone. When you stop being the support system they always took for granted. When you stop sending them those long and heartfelt messages, the ones they always ignored. When you stop welcoming them with open arms every time they show up at your door at 3 in the night. When you stop holding on to your phone, just waiting for them to call.

Some people in life will never realize how much you truly love them until they discover that no one can ever love them the way you did. Until they can’t seem to find anyone else who loves all the things they were always ashamed of, who looks at them like they’re the only thing one could ever wish for in life, and who makes them feel like they’re finally home- protected and safe from all the troubles of the world.

Some people in life will only try to seek your attention once they realize that you’ve stopped giving them yours. When you no longer remain their biggest fan and supporter. When you’re no longer the first like on their Instagram post.

When you’re no longer that phone call in the middle of the day just to tell them how much you love them. When you’re no longer the person who remembers each and everything they ever told you, even in the times when they thought you weren’t listening. And when you’re no longer the person who would drop everything in life just to be there in their time of need.

Some people in life will only try to win you over once they realize they’ve completely lost you. When they realize that you have other options in life. When they realize that someone out there can probably love you better than they ever did.

When they realize that you’re not going to stay content with being an option and not a priority. When they realize how selfish they had been for so long and how they were never able to make you feel like you actually mattered.

Some people in life will only remember to miss you when they start feeling like you’ve forgotten them completely. When you don’t even remember to call them on their birthday anymore. When you can’t seem to recall what their favorite song was.

When you forget the secrets they trusted you with. When you finally throw away every memory you have of them. And when you even forget the way they used to make you feel.

Some people in life will only learn to respect you when you decide to walk away. When they realize that you’ve compromised yourself enough for them. When they start remembering all the times when you went completely out of your way just to see them smile.

When they finally appreciate all the times when you kept forgiving them over and over again. When it suddenly hits them that you’re actually gone because you’ve had enough!

Some people in life will only start to love you when you stop loving them. When you stop missing the touch of their skin against your own or the sound of their voice around you. When they can see clearly that you’ve changed, that you no longer look at them in the loving way you used to.

When they stop being the last thought on your mind when you sleep and the first thought when you wake up. When you stop driving by their house just to make sure they’re okay. When they finally feel like they can open their hearts to you after they’ve already broken yours into a thousand pieces.

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