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This Is Your Poem For 2017, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Aries: So the world readies once more to try to break your spine and it feels like you are losing the same war with yourself over and over again. Stand tall, stay hunched, or crawl – it matters not as long as you reach each season’s end. Your dragon heart knows better than to fall prey to a sunless sky. Remember – in times of battle, the conscious decision to keep breathing is already, in itself, an act of defiance against your biggest enemies.

Taurus: You are Persephone coaxing riverbeds of lush green to flourish from each man’s desolate home and as romantic as this seems, if something isn’t your burden to carry, you have no obligation to. You may be tempted to pick up other people’s trash to spin them into gold, but save some of that compassion for a rainy day. You’ve got enough of your own baggage to deal with. Heal yourself before you heal others.

Gemini: When was the last time you took a chance on someone that wasn’t you? Most days you’re great at being simultaneously the sun and the moon, but if ever you reach a new low so far down you can’t even see the horizon, allow people the chance to help you rise again.

Cancer: Not all trees grow at the same pace. Some grow slow, some grow fast – but they all grow regardless. As sure as the leaf sprouts again after winter, so will you. During this process cultivate the grace to let go parts of you that have wilt and rot. While you may wish to repair them, find out if it’s in your best interest to walk away instead.

Leo: Patience may be a tough pill to swallow, but it’s better than choking on your pride later. You don’t always have to be in the driver’s seat in order for things to turn out for the best. Once in a while, try to sit shotgun and relinquish control. In the road-trip of life you’ll be surprised to discover the view might be nicer from the passenger’s side.

Virgo: Destroying yourself may seem like the only way to get out of your own skin. Do not believe this lie. When inconveniences big and small crash on you like a waterfall on your bare back, stay calm. Be stubborn, be resilient, be alive. Your existence is a revolution.

Libra: Once again, you manage to be the radiant master of balance! You are both sunrise and sunset, chondrite and constellation. However, be wary of people’s darkness erasing your light.

Scorpio: Happiness is an emotion and not a constant state of mind. It is imperative you not chase it lest you lose yourself along the way. Slow down, you’ll get where you need to be. I promise.

Sagittarius: When children ask the sky who they should be like when they grow up, the clouds spell out your name. You’re too much of a celestial being to fool anyone to think you’re anything other than holy, but still – don’t forget it’s okay to be human.

Capricorn: Crack open your skull until you find each and every demon that has made home in the crevices of your brain. Get to know them, become their best friend, take them to church, to the gym, to class, to work, to the supermarket ten blocks away just so you can have an excuse to spend a bit more time with them. You are the demon of your demons, the lord of perseverance.

Aquarius: Angels sing about you. Snowflakes compete to be as one-of-a-kind as you. With the planets falling into place like head-over-heels suitors at your feet, there’s really not much else to say except – you don’t know what hidden gifts still sleep betwixt your joints. If you wake them up, the world is yours for the taking (and you deserve it).

Pisces: You may be one of the only dreamers left willing to float past society’s meticulously drawn outlines. Paint the ocean with your laughter. Graffiti the sidewalk with your smile. There’s still magic lying somewhere in the streets of this old city and you are not afraid to find it. Go!

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