What We Could Achieve If We Used 100% Of Our Brains’ Capacity

by Conscious Reminder

It is commonly believed that we only utilize about 10% of our brain’s capacity and hence there is a lot of undiscovered potential within each one of us that we are yet to make us of.

However, this is actually just a myth probably spread by some frustrated adult trying to get their kid to stop procrastinating and put in some hard work.

While we haven’t fully understood the extent of the brain’s capabilities, there is nothing preventing you from tapping into your true potential.

Your lethargy and unwillingness to work are not because of some mental block which you just have to remove in order to do whatever it is you have to do.

Look at your role models and you’ll see that no matter what they’ve already achieved, they are eager to reach greater heights.

The truth behind us not using our brain’s full power is simply that we don’t think we can. There is nothing tangible hindering you.

Our body generates a vast amount of energy and up to 1/3rd of it is for the brain to go about its work. But it is not wrong to say that there are times when we’re not using all our brain.

No machine or body would be able to withstand being used to its maximum potential all the time without any intervals.

Simply put, the human brain taps into different centers for different purposes. It doesn’t use the same parts for motor skills, or for eating or learning.

To use all of the brain in one go, we’d have to do all these different things simultaneously.

You wouldn’t be able to do anything productive if this was the case.

But if you wish to increase your productivity, you need to learn smarter techniques and let go of certain addictions that only pull you down.

You can’t achieve your goals till you’re willing and able to stop indulging in activities that are just a wasteful drain on your resources.

In conclusion, what you really need to do is get the most use out of the time that you have rather than buying into this myth that your brain is stopping you.

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