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A Seemingly Insignificant Energy Shift Can Deeply Affect Your Twin Flame Relationship

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Twin flames are the souls from the same energy spectrum and thus you can pick up all that is happening with your other soul half. The connection is made usually without you even knowing about it.

The highest bond of the twin flames is seen in the pair where both the souls are spiritually advanced and thus they develop high level of energy connections with one another. This results in psychic and telepathic connections with which the twin flames are able to connect to each other.

Whenever one soul thinks about the other soul, a message in their head ‘pop up’ informing them about their status. These telepathic abilities are the direct consequence of the energy of duality, which acts more strongly in the twins, may it be biological twins (Siblings) or the twin flames.

The connection between the twin souls is so strong that they can feel almost all the things in each other. They share their energy to the deepest levels and thus it is often seen that when one soul experiences anything, its effects can be seen on the behavior and the mood of the other soul as well.

You must have realized this, when you are at your work place or at your home, and everything is going fine. But all of a sudden you start feeling low and emotional. It happens because you tuned in your twin’s energy frequency, who are probably struggling with their day.

But just because of the fact that you know all the thoughts of your twin, does not mean that you inform them about all that. More often then not, it is wise to keep the things to yourself until absolutely necessary. If confronted head on, they might feel a little exposed and vulnerable.

Also, while addressing things with your twin flame, make sure you do so from a position of strength and not form the place of weakness. It is also pertinent to keep yourself first, irrespective of your bond with your twin flame.

This is also the reason why it is important to develop the energy of twin flame duality. This energy duality can help you understand the dark and to help you create some good out of it. In simpler terms, just a few very simple and deep insights can make the difference between being stuck into the dark energy or moving towards the light and healing.

The thing that you must remember is that the energy fluctuates between the people. Thus, the parts that we see as ‘ironic’ might just be the energy wavelengths which have been shifted and retuned in order to sync and to help us all be at one same wavelength. This is what we refer to as the energy of duality and almost all the spiritual twin flames know about it.

The energy that we receive from our twin flames work at a subconscious level and thus is restricted to the sense of ‘feel’. Unless we try and work consciously to develop this skill, we will just be making a kind of informed guess!

Thus, it is very important to consciously understand the energy and the energy changes related to your twin flame.

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