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How To Induce Elevated Consciousness Naturally In Five Easy Ways

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There have always been methods available to those who would like access to an elevated state of consciousness. Below is our list of the top five natural ways to induce an elevated or altered state without the aid of plant medicines or mind expanding chemicals.

Isolation Tanks

Entering into the isolation tank can be a strange experience for the uninitiated; however, for those who know what to expect, the withdraw from sensory input allows for a much easier transition into the transcendental state of consciousness, where we are no longer aware of who or what we are.

This state of detachment from the physical body is similar to the state achieved by individuals devout in the art of meditation. Entering into the tank is a way for inexperienced meditators to detach from the body in a healthy way by combining meditation techniques with the deepest resting state the body can experience.

In the tank, the body is experiencing no imbalance or excess pressure and is being rested in a very natural position that is normally unable to be achieved due to gravity. The body is floating in its most natural posture possible, allowing for the spine to release all tension from between each vertebrae, and elongate into it’s most appropriate resting position.

In this complete state of relaxation, without the fear of any door knocking or phone ringing, the mind is able to slip into a deep state of rest equivalent to that achieved during transcendental meditation, only in this setting, the state is easier for one who is unfamiliar to achieve.

The key to the isolation tank is to layback and inhale as slowly and deeply as possible for ten iterations, each time exhaling completely. If you don’t make it to ten, that is normal as you are likely sinking into a proverbial black hole, sometimes referred to as a k hole, and you will return, so just relax and enjoy the escape from the body for a while. If you begin to feel like you are floating or spinning, do not flinch from the experience and it will, with out a doubt, take you on a much-needed journey from everyday existence. When you come out, you will be refreshed and appreciate the external world in a new way. Likewise you will be trying to figure out a way to fit this experience in to a monthly budget. Pricing can be as high as 100$ per hour. This state can be achieved during mediation, the main variant is the level of comfort and lack of distraction that the isolation tank provides normally unattainable in an apartment or park bench; it can be done, though.

Ginger Tea

A nice helping of ginger tea is sure to get you going. Ginger is a nutrient filled, stimulating anti-inflammatory herb. As a great intermittent substitute for coffee, there is a significant opening of the airways as well as noticeable improvement in blood flow, thus improving mental capacity; cognitive enhancement is noticeable almost immediately.

In traditional Asian cultures, the root is served alongside raw fish to stoke your internal fire and increase your metabolism, helping your body to break down fats and proteins, converting your food into energy. Ginger is known as a stimulant and is used to promote improved circulation and this most noticeable effect can be experienced after consuming a strong dose of raw ginger tea having been boiled to a soft pink color and blended with lemon juice for increased absorption into the digestion system.

As a general idea, a hand sized piece of raw ginger, finely sliced and boiled in a pint of pure spring water, let to simmer for 15 minutes, followed by straining into a suitable pitcher, and the soft pink hue should be apparent. By squeezing a lemon into the natural, herbal brew, the tea will be blended to produce the desired effects of heightened awareness, clarity, and an overall physical feeling of strength and power. Enjoy.


Using natural remedy to improve consciousness is now an option. The cold water cure has been around since the ages of the first doctors when shaman prescribed a cold dip under an ice-cold waterfall for various ailments. It is found to be effective alleviating many ailments, both physical and mental.

The extreme jolting of the system that the cold water provides is accompanied by a more relaxed state of physiology as the body adjusts to the extreme stimulation of the organs, respiratory and nervous system. Many physical trainers believe in the benefits of ice baths for physical rehabilitation and there is actually a more sophisticated version now being introduced into the industry called cryogenics-therapy which involves submerging the body in sub zero temperatures using nitrogen gas in a confined space for two-three minutes, followed by light exercise, and repeating the cycle 2-3 times.

The immediate noticeable results are a feeling of revitalized energy and increased mental clarity. When the cold-water technique is fused with extreme heat conditions alternating back and forth, the body’s reaction will be intensified in comparison to a simple cold shower. (though, for beginners, a cold shower will actually do wonders.) The idea is to heat the body temperature to as high as possible without becoming ill and then submersing the body in ice-cold water.

The ideal scenario would be alternating between a sauna and an ice bath, but switching the shower from extremely hot for three minutes to ice cold for sixty seconds alternating will also suffice to stimulate the body and actually get a heightened sense of clarity. Use caution however, too large of of a difference in temperature could cause the body to go into shock.

Concentrated Breathing Techniques

There are numerous breathing techniques that may be utilized to calm or energize the mind. Long, slow, deep breathing is indicative of a calm and peaceful physiology; therefore, by performing this breathing pattern, the mind will naturally correspond and calm down to a more balanced state. Doing this while alternating nostrils will also work to balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain. In out left, in-out right and repeat long and slow, deep breaths.

In Kundalini Yoga, the breath of fire technique which involves a quick, panting style of breathing, not unlike a canine, is done through the nostrils while simultaneously pumping the stomach, which is where the breath should be entering and exiting during the exercise. This technique is practical for increasing alertness by increasing the blood flow in an around the internal organs, stimulating the digestive system and energizing the body naturally with only the use of ancient knowledge past down for thousands of years.

Another technique is the 12-cycle energizer breath technique. To perform this, sit comfortably and quietly in a chair or on the floor. Begin breathing through your nose, inhaling four powerful breaths, completely filling your lungs each time and then following it with a complete and powerful exhalation.

There should be no pause between breathing in and out and each repetition should take no longer than four seconds, two in and two out.
On the fifth breath, inhale slow and deep, completely filling the lungs starting from the abdominal wall separating the lungs from the liver and stomach, then stretch out the ribs, lifting the shoulders and expanding the chest. Then, gently suck in the stomach and hold it for a 2 count. Exhale completely out through the mouth, as if blowing through a straw down to the last trace of air present in your lung chamber, and hold the breath out. Compress your abdomen to ensure, no stale air remains in your lungs, and hold this for a two count. From here, start over at step one, taking a powerful breath from your nose completely filling the lungs and repeat the cycle 12 times. You can go repeat the cycle for as long as you desire.

If you make it to 12, you will begin to experience noticeable effects. If you can’t quite make it to the end of the exercise, you will likely notice a head change from the heavy breathing you managed to undertake. And as we all have different capacity for processing oxygen and carbon dioxide in and out of the blood stream, the variation between individuals should be left to the individual to determine by paying attention and holding on to a steady surface, just in case one were to feel unsteady..

Kundalini Transcendental Chanting

Kundalini yogis of the Hindu sect, originating in India in the eleventh century, developed this remarkable technique that has been passed down through the ages as a result of its powerful effects on human consciousness. Through the use of primitive sound repetitions, the “SA TA NA MA” chant was designed to clear the subconscious mind and provide us with a general feeling of oneness. Some claim to experience hallucinations, which the author of this writing can attest through personal experience. Kundalinis believe the chant activates the pituitary gland, the pea size gland at the base of our brain that secretes the hormones responsible for monitoring blood pressure, growth, sexual function, and make us feel good in general.

How to activate this gland:

Sit comfortably, close your eyes, and breathe through your nose inhaling to an eight count and exhaling the same. With each cycle of breath concentrate your thoughts to the point between eyebrows imagining beam of light shooting out from the center of your mind. Do this long deep breath slowly three times. On the fourth exhalation, you will softly and slowly begin chanting the phrase “SA TA NA MA.” The rate should be at the pace of a resting heartbeat. With each syllable, touch your thumbs to the tips of each finger working from your forefingers to your pinkies in repetition. “SA” for the index finger, “TA” for the middle, and so on.

Now, repeat this mantra for five minutes followed by the same mantra only now instead of chanting, whisper the mantra softly for five minuets, following the same finger movements. When the five minutes has passed, begin to mentally chant the mantra for ten minutes while continuing to press the thumbs with the corresponding finger rotating along with the sound or mental chanting of the mantra. After the ten minutes of silent chanting, resume the whispering portion of phase two for another five minutes again while continuing the finger movements.

This procession will be followed by the final five minutes of chanting in a moderate-to-powerful voice exerting strong finger impressions with the thumb to completely clear the mind of any negative energy. When you have concluded the final five minutes, sit quietly and listen to the mantra play back in your head. By this time you will have noticed a significant change in mentality.

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