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Love Numerology Predictions For October 2021

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by Conscious Reminder

October is the year’s 10th month. In numerology, 6 represents this month, which also stands for relationships (of all kinds).

Our current year is one of change and crisis (Year 5). The October 2021 Love Numerology suggests that now is an excellent time for embracing the new in relationships. However, if the room for change or dialogue has closed, then an ending disruption or separation can happen.

For those who are already committed, October will be extremely favorable for implementing changes for introducing more stimulation. A new scenario, honeymoon, or a family trip can also be an indication. Even familial changes can provide enough excitement and renew an emotional bond.

How To Calculate The October 2021 Love Numerology

The first step is adding all the digits in your birth year. Keep adding the digits till there is only a 2-figure number. Then add the month and day to that number. Keep adding the digits again, until you get a number between 1 and 9, 11, or 22.

For example: if your birthday is 25/05/1997

1st Step: 1 + 9 + 9 + 7 = 26

2nd Step: 26 + 25 + 05 = 56

3rd Step: 5 + 6 = 11

In this case, your personal governing love numerology number is 11.

Your Love Vibration According To Your Number

Personal Number Is 1:

The personal month 6. During October, one part of you will be more romantic. You have a chance to make the most of the beginning and changing potential of 1 and 5 and start a romantic relationship. However, do not compromise to the extent that your independence is lost.

Personal Number Is 2:

The personal month is 7. In this month, you will have a stronger desire to find a more intimate and deeper companion. For those who are not in any relationships, it may be the chance for getting involved heart and body in a brand new romance. Moreover, past relationships ghosts are coming to haunt you once more.

Personal Number Is 3:

The personal month is 8. This month will have mixed feelings and desires. One part wants more dedication to the career side or personal ambitions. The other part will want a stable and satisfying intimate bond. So, the objective will be to balance your time while using 8’s practicality.

Personal Number Is 4:

The personal month is 9. 9 symbolizes some big dreams being realized. Its couple 4 represent fulfillment. As such, this potential can be used for reaching all kinds of goals- emotional, physical, or relationship. No matter the nature of the goal, make sure to be dedicated to it.

Personal Number Is 5:

Personal Month is 1. October can be a time for numerous changes. There is the extreme potential for renewal, which can also be used in romance. If you are not committed, then you might have an intense desire to win over a person.

Personal Number Is 6:

Personal Month is 2. This is a good time for starting new bonds if you are not committed. But for those already committed, the focus will be overcoming inner conflict before you can get closer.

Personal Number Is 7:

Personal Month is 3. Your October feelings may be marked with more affection and romance. All you need to do is pay double the attention, or you may expose your love and desires.

Personal Number Is 8:

The Personal Month is 4. In this month, duty will overshadow leisure. Bigger responsibilities may leave you with much less time for fun.

Personal Number Is 9:

Personal Month is 5. Your trend for the month, unfortunately, is change and instability. These can indicate a crisis demanding a relationship cycle ends.  

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