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The Best Way To Explain Energy Healing To Anybody

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by Conscious Reminder

As an energy healer, I have realized one thing over these years. This has been a tough realization but when it finally dawned upon me, I know I had understood an important thing about the whole process of energy healing.

The thing I understood was that energy healing is supremely difficult to explain.

Irony, much?

This is because of two major reasons: first is that it is hard to explain the multi layered concept because the concept is very convoluted and nuanced and the second is that different people explain it in a different way. So, there is no singular fixed definition of the concept making it hard to explain it. So, it is almost personal to everyone.

But this is how I explain it to people around me:

1. It is not just the symptoms:

Energy healing is all about understanding the cause behind the symptoms. The thing is that sometimes we mistake the symptoms to be the cause. The problem is not the symptoms and neither can focusing on the symptoms solve the problem.

The only way in which the problem can be solved is by looking at the cause behind the symptoms. It takes time to uncover the cause but the cause is pertinent to the process of healing. So the first step to energy healing can be said to be the understanding of the cause of the symptoms.

2. Recognizing the cause:

Now pointing a finger at the cause is essential because it helps to understand the energy that the person seeking help is in. If the energy healer is not able to understand the cause, solving the problem is extremely difficult. Or maybe they will be able to solve the problem but only partially and that is obviously not enough!

So, you have to know and distinguish very clearly between the cause and the symptoms and then begin to understand the energy level of the cause.

3. Understand the concept of momentum:

Your future is the continuation of your present. This means that the path that you are going to be on in the future is dependent on the kind of choices that you make in the present and these choices are highly dependent on your momentum and the kind of space you are in. If your momentum is right, you are bound to make the right choices.

So, practically an energy healer’s work is to help you change the momentum of your life. All that we do is that we understand the kind of place you are in and try to change that in a positive direction so that you can be in a better place in the future. Yes, that’s all that we do. Sounds easy, right? No, it isn’t.

4. Change is a little slow paced:

Energy healing shall surely have some change on your life. Well, the thing is that realizing that change is somewhat difficult because that change isn’t instantaneous. It takes time but it is bound to happen.

So, after the energy healing you might actually feel that nothing much has changes. You might feel that things are the same as they used to be and nothing has been affected. But the truth is that energy healing brings a change so deep and so internal that sometimes a person may not be able to feel it on a superficial level. So, my advice is that you must wait and not ‘judge’ the change too soon.

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