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9 Great Ways to Tell If You Are Becoming a Wise and Mature Soul

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As anybody who is reaching or has already reached middle age will know, age and maturity are not the same things. There are lots of people in the world who simply don’t know how to develop and mature, even as the years add up. It can be an alluring prospect at times. Getting older is scary and acting the fool is one way of putting it off.

However, we’ve all got to settle down and work out what we want from life at some point. Otherwise, existence can feel a little rootless and untethered. So, if you’re getting older and you want some confirmation that you’ve ‘grown up’ successfully, keep an eye out for those little signs that can tell you all about who you are.

You Feel a Little Aimless

This is often the first stage of growing up, whether you’re twenty-five or fifty-five. We all feel cast adrift sometimes; like we don’t know where we’re supposed to be. It is a natural feeling that comes with the realisation that you’re part of a very big world. The trick is not to fight it, but to embrace your soul maturity and seek the things that make you happy.

Your Patience Abounds

One of the clearest signs of soul maturity is increased patience and tolerance. You’ve simply learned that not everything has to be done at a tearing speed. There is great joy to be had in the journey, not just the destination. Individuals with a mature soul take their time getting to know new people. They don’t stress out over minor irritations. And they enjoy their downtime.

You Are More Sensitive

Yet, on the flipside, you’re probably growing more sensitive. This happens because you’re opening yourself up to people more and letting go of all those old barriers. You fear rejection less, so you don’t build up defences. The consequence is likely to be a little more investment in things; emotions, relationships, possessions, adventures. You’ll cry more easily, but it won’t always be because you’re unhappy.

Forgiveness Is Easy

People with a mature soul are always open to forgiveness. They understand that grudges hurt more than just their intended target. They are a form of self-flagellation in a way and they encourage you to hold on to painful feelings. Learning how to let go is valuable because you’re not really letting go of anything helpful or useful. You’re gaining in lightness and inner calm by relinquishing grudges.

You Don’t Need Approval

One of the signs of soul maturity is a reduced dependence on external approval. In other words, you’re not constantly looking for compliments as a way to validate your existence. You know that you’re valuable, because of the things that you do and the relationships that you keep. Your worth is more than what other people can give to you, as it starts with your own approval. People with a strong, healthy sense of self-perception find it easier to make decisions, take risks, and grab opportunities.

You Are Willing To Be Vulnerable

Coming to terms with the fact that we’re not fully in control of our own lives is a hard lesson. However, it gets easier with age, because there is satisfaction to be had from the understanding that nothing is certain. You may not be able to influence every aspect of your existence, but this means that amazing, exciting things could happen to you that you haven’t even thought to imagine yet.

Your Relationships Are Special

Soul maturity means knowing when to let toxic relationships go, be they lovers, friends, or family members. Life isn’t about how many friends you can have. It is much more valuable to have a small number of reliable, dependable acquaintances who are as devoted to you as you are them. Surround yourself with light, happy, inspiring people. Don’t spend time with anybody who uses your weaknesses for their own gain or doesn’t encourage you to be your best self.

You Are Addicted to Learning

The most mature souls can’t get enough of knowledge. They want to consume as much learning as possible and drink the world in as hungrily as they can manage. This makes them creative, imaginative, and fun to be around. It helps them to find focus in life and increases their empathy and understanding for others. You’ll never see a mature soul turning down the chance to gain knowledge through books, documentaries, languages, travel, or new hobbies.

You Want to Leave a Mark

The most important indication of a truly mature soul is the desire to leave something behind. You know that life is fleeting and your own is just a tiny seed in a big plant pot, so you’re willing to look beyond it. Whether it’s volunteering, designing a new product, becoming a mentor, or just creating something that will last; you can leave your mark. A keenness to do so shows that you are a wise and developed old soul.

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