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10 Signs Showing You Were Neglected As A Child

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

1. Lack self-discipline

You are so afraid to take a stand for yourself that you let people think that you are wrong rather than telling them the truth. Hence, you keep falling deeper into the pit of your weaknesses.

2. Something’s missing

You feel incomplete but you don’t know what you require to be a complete being. You feel deprived of love but can’t put a finger on it because you never knew what love is like.

3. Independence

You feel pride in your individuality. Even if you need help, you would never ask for it. It might even make it very uncomfortable working with others.

4. You prefer to be alone

You are stuck with the thought that you don’t fit in this society and spend time alone. You feel distant from others.

5. Feel unhappy for no apparent reason

Just like the feeling of incompletion, sadness wells up inside you anytime and anywhere. In fact, this might even frustrate you – not knowing what is making you unhappy.

6. Can’t identify or express emotions

You think that no one understands you and hence, you don’t share your feelings with anyone. Also, there are certain feelings that you don’t even recognize. You keep your emotions inside you.

7. Lack of compassion

You keep so many emotions inside you that you feel bad for yourself now. You help your loved ones in dealing with problems. But you can’t gather that understanding for yourself and criticize yourself for your problems.

8. Feeling guilty or ashamed

You are more sensitive that others in your peers. Situations that are normal for them are a disaster to you. Smallest of the things upset you, funny situations embarrass you and everything that goes wrong with you is your own fault.

9. Animals are better beings

Animals are the lone creatures that won’t judge you ever and won’t stop loving you ever. Therefore, you feel more connected to them than the humans.

10. Low self-esteem

Every sign that you read above is because of the fact that your parents disregarded your emotions in your childhood. So, you continue to ignore them even when you have grown up. This is the major factor of your low self-esteem and low self-confidence.

Try to reconnect with your emotions and deal with them to get yourself back.

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