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How Are You Reaching Your Spiritual Needs? Every Individual Has Them …

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You know what is my biggest challenge these days? It is to convince people that every human is a miracle of nature and everyone has both physical and spiritual needs.

So I do not like my physician to treat me as a piece of meat, collection of organs, mass and muscles. Similarly, I can’t stand spiritual gurus ignoring my physical self and concentrate on my spirit only. I am like ‘Excuse me, I am not a ghost please. My physical needs are to be met as well’.

The holistic approach is the way to go. I need to be satisfying both my physical and spiritual needs. Physical body, however, is more expressive of its needs. I know when I am hungry or thirsty, I get signals when I am hot or cold, I know if I am hurt and so on. My spiritual side on the other hand, is very shy. I have to persuade it to talk and I need to train myself to decipher my own self’s spiritual signals and signs.

Most of times, spiritual needs are communicated in vague signs. You get that feeling of something missing, you may feel need for inspiration. You can also feel like you have always been receiving and now is the time to give back to universe. You might be looking for that awakening, like clearing up the foggy windscreen and clearly seeing the other side of life, the bigger and better perspective.

If you feel any of the above or something else that sounds like big and spiritual, welcome on board. You have been given the gift of being part of spiritual world. You now have achieved the tendency to strengthen your bond with divinity, with people, with love, with life and with the whole universe.

So how to meet your spiritual needs?

You have to take a holistic approach by striking a balance between your physical body and spiritual self. A healthy thriving body is where a spiritually enlightened mind and heart can reside. Eat well, exercise, take plenty of sleep and take care of your body, treat it well.

Be more human and humane

Humanity is the highest form of living. Practice compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, be humble and down to earth. Know that you are a tiny part of a giant universal setup. Develop a deep awareness of being equal to other people and stop looking down on other and labeling them. Help others and accept help from them, it is to teach you that you are vulnerable and need support, it is to let go of your small ego and to make you a gentle human being. Have strong beliefs that lend hope and strength during tough times. Have values, commitments and beliefs deeply rooted in responsible living. Social work and community service is best way to regain your belief in humanity and to cultivate better values.

Explore yourself

You have everything spiritual within you, explore it and polish it to shine through. Look within yourself to explore your spiritual needs, what do you want to do with life, how do you see life, how do you want to play a role in this universe, what you can do to make things better and most importantly what spirituality means to you.



Block the outside world and listen to slow whispers and murmurs within yourself. Practice mindful breathing to connect to your inner self. This moment of quiet is the moment of inspiration.

Have spiritual support

Spiritual gurus, life coaches, yogis and support groups are able to instill spirituality in you and to keep you on the path. They offer you an open and non-judgmental environment where you can express your beliefs, your issues, problems and views and take input from others as well. There, you can enlighten yourself with a sense of divine purpose, meaning, hope and faith in something transcendent.

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