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Let The Pain Go And See How You Change Glow

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

We all have a glow that’s only unique to us. As we grow older, our glow changes, but we are the ones who choose whether we let our shine out or dim our light down. It’s important to know that we make that decision and our voice matters.

Whenever we are hurt, our glow starts to flicker. Our glow diminishes when we are sad. But then, it becomes even dimmer when we allow this sadness to permeate our entire life. When this sadness does not remain something to be overcome but becomes who we are, we surrender to it.

But we glow in a different way when we can fight off this pain and become whole again. There are many kinds of pain in life that we face. Childhood abuse, break-ups, rejection, and the failures that keep piling up.

But you can let the pain not define you. You can let it go. You can transform your sadness into the light. Become wise and spread the light of knowledge and enlightenment all around you.

You glow in a different manner when people try to break you but you bend and not crack. There have been storms in your life. But you have overcome them.

You have had pain but you have not allowed it to spread out and take control of you. You have let all of it go and have allowed the sunlight to spread through your very being. Darkness is no longer a part of it.

You have a different glow when breakups don’t make you lose faith in love. You are still passionate and you are still in the game to find love. You meet other people and go out with friends.

You believe that many things, even the hardest things, happen as a lesson. You know that life offers you lessons – that mistakes are a stepping stone to failure. You know you are on the right path.

You have a different glow when childhood abuses do not control your adult life. Your parents may have made you feel like you are worthless. But then, now you know your worth and whatever it is, you love every bit of it.

You have forgiven yourself and your parents. The childhood abuses are not in control of you. It is in the past – you have learned from it and you have let it go.

You have faced so many pains that now you are no longer afraid of pain. You are proud of the scars that you have. You can tell your tale and not feel bad about it.

Your pain is building up inner strength. You have both talent and power in your favor. Your glow represents pride and happiness. You know you can heal from anything.

You have a different glow when you feel invincible in the face of life’s pains.

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