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Can You Find The Hidden Assassin In This Vintage

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Vintage optical illusions are among the most interesting ones to look at and the one below is no exception. Somewhere in the reddish-brown and black colored drawing lies a hidden assassin. If you can spot the deadly adversary who is well concealed then your vision is superior to the majority of the population and your brain-eye-mind connection is going strong!

The vintage picture is from the 1800s, making it easily over one hundred years old. The dark drawing features a man with a pistol in the foreground and a group of four sharply dressed male onlookers in the middle background. They are gathered in what looks like a forest clearing and while one of the men is clearly there to duel, his opponent is not so clear. The picture is marked with the simple caption “A duel. Where is the adversary?” See if you can spot the assassin now before anyone gets shot!

The image’s caption and the words it’s marked with, “Question of honor,” make complete historic sense because duels were originally based on a code of honor that existed primarily among the upper-class and nobility. The purpose of the honor code was to show bravery, courage, and manliness by standing up and facing anyone who challenged your reputation for those types of characteristics. Back in the day a man’s reputation meant everything and if he was insulted or called a liar, a thief, weak, or anything of that ilk, he’d prove himself by dueling it out with whomever was disparaging him.

The most famous duel in American history went down on July 11, 1804, between personal and political rivals Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr. At the time, Burr was the vice president of the United States under Thomas Jefferson and Hamilton was the leader of the Federalist Party, which was directly opposed to the administration in power. The two men hated each other with a passion and both said terrible things in public about the other, but it all came to a head when Burr challenged Hamilton to a duel in the hopes of restoring his reputation.

Long story short, Hamilton missed and was shot in the stomach by Burr. He died the following day and Burr was charged with his murder, yet soon after he fled to Europe. He waited for things to settle down and some years later he ended up returning to America where he lived a quiet, duel-free life. While the days of dueling may be over, if you haven’t yet looked for or found the assassin in this illustration, then your challenge remains. Without further ado, find the assassin, and good luck!

Help Me Find My Assassin – Did You Find Him?

The assassin is hiding somewhere in this vintage

Take a Closer Look

This mind-boggling classic illustration has been creating a sensation around the internet. Most people can’t solve this optical illusion. Can you solve it?


Look out! He’s got a gun!

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