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Be Good Enough For Your Soulmate Because They Too Deserve The Best

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Relationships are a gift; to finally find your life partner is a dream or a blessing come true. It happens when you connect with the other person soul to soul. Once the bond forms, it should be cherished and graced forever. Love strikes at the most unpredictable times.

And when you finally find the person to fall in love with and do everything with, you certainly find a deep but subtle meaning of your life. This is when your life takes on a new course and the world surrounding you changes.

When we meet the ‘right’ person, something within us clicks. This is when we know whether the person is suitable for us or not. You suddenly find the lost pieces of you and every little thing in your life begins to win back its definition.

We weren’t born into this Earth with a soulmate beside us. So when we ultimately find one, life gains perspective and lost senses begin to find its meaning once again.

If by any chance the person doesn’t stand up to your expectations, the gaping hole in your heart starts to lose all its meaning again and it becomes empty.

Have you ever thought having to survive in a world that is completely devoid of love? Such a world would have been so heartless and barren, right? Love is the essential toxic that keeps humans pure, happy and gay. Without love, it will be lack of oxygen all around.

Love is that essential thread that connects and protects this universe. However sometimes human beings have a tendency to jump the gun in the aspect of romance. We believe the right kind of love is just around the corner, expecting things to smoothly sail by, without any hurdle.

We believe such a relation will keep us happier than ever, will make us more mature than ever. Unfortunately some things don’t turn out the way you expect them to. The reality paints a different picture altogether.

The ‘right’ person can often turn out to be wrong under circumstances. Such a condition is very disheartening to believe. Oftentimes partners lack the adjustment, trust, kindness needed for a relationship to persist. People lack so much patience, that any commitment made to any person turns futile. This is a sign of disrespect in a relationship. The truth is that this world needs more mature human beings to meet the conditions of love fully and to allow it to flourish wholeheartedly.

When you love someone, you should give your heart and soul to him/her. This is what a good relation demands. Only then the bond between you and your partner strengthen and blooms. If individual desires, needs and expectations persist in a relation, the partnership begins to turn sour.

Love cannot be measured. Similarly you cannot measure the expectations of your partner in terms of ‘how much’ and ‘how many’. Love is unconditional. It shouldn’t be based on guidelines and conditions. Similarly being in a relation isn’t enough. Lovers should exchange an equal ton of respect between each other. Lovers need to unfold their masculine and feminine selves in order to comprehend each other better. T

hat ‘special feeling’ needs to be found from within us. Only then the love between two people will expand and grow. It is completely baseless to search for our expectations and dreams in our partner because the individuality still persists and this is what keeps the love mutually healthy and intact.

At the same time, it is necessary not to lose one’s perspective of one’s own self. It is good to pour all your hearts saying and depraved sense into someone else without caring for one’s own underlying sense. But when that trust is betrayed, it hurts in an unexplainable and unrealistic manner.

What is meant by a good soulmate is to be unreasonably good and compassionate. For that we first need to become powerful individuals, verging on an optimistic path and be a person of kind disposition so that we meet and greet love at the right time.

We have to prepare ourselves to meet our potentials through opportunities and ultimately fall in love with a person who will love us back. Rather than seeking out for someone to lift us from our troubles and to keep us happy, we should try to live in a way that keeps the other person happier.

The motto is ‘everything starts from within.’ If you cannot learn to love yourself, if you cannot realise you’re good enough, your love and respect for your partner will always fall short. So, solve things within your own self to let your relationship thrive and prosper.

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