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Pluto Retrograde 2017: Internal Investigation

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Pluto retrograde 2017 starts on April 20 at 19° Capricorn and ends on September 28 at 16° Capricorn.

Before I talk about Pluto retrograde 2017 in detail, you will find a description of Pluto retrograde in the natal chart followed by the general meaning of Pluto retrograde in transit.

Pluto retrograde 2017 brings opportunities for progress but a number of big obstacles will have to be overcome to get there. An internal investigation is needed to root out a barrier to progress and eliminate it. The involvement of Jupiter suggests this problem relates to greed, excess, faith or ideology.

Pluto Retrograde Meaning

Pluto retrograde in the natal chart is more common than inner planet retrogrades such as Mercury and Venus. About 40% of people have Pluto retrograde in their birth chart so it’s less feared and less detrimental than having an inner planet retrograde. That being said, natal Pluto retrograde still has karmic repercussions and a definite influence.

With natal Pluto retrograde you may have difficulty transforming your life due to fear of letting go. The internalization process of retrogrades can slow you bringing your intense drives and needs to the surface. You will probably have difficulty expressing your personal power and influence.

A fear of being controlled or of taking control can stem from past life experiences involving abuse of power or being overly controlled. Which side of the ledger, whether victim or abuser, will be shown through aspects to your Pluto and any fixed star conjunctions.

Depending on the particular past life conditions, you may have a fear of death, poverty, manipulation, torture, imprisonment, being committed to a mental institution, exile or betrayal. Power and control issues may also involve the psychic realms, sex and inheritance.

For such reasons you can be very intense on the inside, secretive or a control freak. Past life conditioning can repeat, especially while young, in the form of compulsions, phobias, isolation or mistrust of family. You may develop strong psychic power as a result of internalizing your powerful drives and desire for power and success. Hiding your true desire for power and influence can lead to suspicion.

Pluto retrograde in your natal chart subjects you to many fated events which are aimed at bringing your deepest and darkest fears to the surface. A repeating theme of particular experiences will continue until you learn to safely express your inner power and intensity.

Pluto retrograde in transit is a regular cycle lasting five months every year, during the opposition to the Sun. As with all outer planets, it causes less concern than the rarer inner planet retrogrades.

Transiting Pluto retrograde is a time of reflection about power and control in your life. If people have been controlling or manipulating you then now is the time to let them go. If you have been too controlling of others or situations then it is time to let go. This is not a time for power tripping but a time for elimination. Fated events and repeating themes will reinforce which of your controlling habits, compulsions, addictions or prejudices must be eliminated.

If you have been too smothering and controlling in a relationship, holding on too tight, then you may be forced to let go. If obsessive or compulsive behavior involving food or drugs has taken hold of your life, then events may force a turn around. The more intense your destructive behavior, the more extreme the detoxing or withdrawal stage will be, such as going cold turkey.

Perhaps suspicion, secrecy, racism, gambling or porn are taking control and holding you back from spiritual evolution. Trust in your spirit guides and think of the extremes your ancestors endured to have their genes expressed in you. Destroying things which have control over you will increase your spiritual power and lead to personal mastery.

Pluto Retrograde 2017

The astrological interpretation of this retrograde phase is straightforward. As the chart below shows, Pluto stationary retrograde makes only one aspect. The square to Jupiter brings opportunities for progress but a number of big obstacles will have to be overcome to get there. Jupiter also retrograde adds one more degree of difficulty.

Some destructive energy is hindering a necessary transformation. Pluto retrograde forces an internal investigation to root out the problem and eliminate it. The involvement of Jupiter suggests this destructive energy relates to greed, excess, faith or ideology. Finding a solution to is so vitally important now because of the major planetary aspect of the year.

Saturn trine Uranus is the ideal time to make a positive transition. This is a rare opportunity to turn chaos and rebellion into order and stability. A solution can be found to turn an unsettled state in a settled state.Pluto Retrograde 2017


Pluto Retrograde 2017

Jupiter square Pluto makes you want to succeed, and succeed big-time. Success, power and influence are all possible but without some care there will be a price to pay. Ruthless determination, greed and corruption may get you there quicker or make you more money but at what cost?

Obsessive and compulsive behavior will not only cause relationship problems at home but can also earn you powerful enemies. As you gain a bigger share of the pie, your competitors start to lose out and will retaliate. If you cut corners by breaking the law then the detectives and other authorities will be on your trail.

Excessive pride, overestimating your resources or common greed may instead lead to big losses and even bankruptcy. Religious mania or extremism are possible outcomes if you remain single-minded and self-righteous. Travel and mixing with people from different backgrounds will help eliminate intolerance and ignorance.

Jupiter Retrograde is very promising for achieving growth and happiness in a particular area of life that is important to you now. Whatever your hopes for the future may be, this year’s Jupiter retrograde is an opportunity to make great leaps towards living out your dreams. However, if your goals are unrealistic, deceitful or greedy then disappointment and loss will follow.

Pluto Retrograde Dates

18 April to 26 September 2016           15° to 17° Capricorn
22 April to 30 September 2018      17° to 19° Capricorn
20 April to 28 September 2017           18° to 21° Capricorn

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