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As Scorpio Season Peaks, These Are The 3 Things You Need To Remind Yourself Of

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by Conscious Reminder

The peak of Scorpio season is here. There will be mixed effects on all of the zodiac signs during this period. Scorpio is passionate and intense and because of these extremes, it can bring a lot of problems in our lives.

It can make you more jealous than you want to be, and this jealousy will increase your stress levels. Not only that, you can become a control-freak and try to control the uncontrollable. It’s always best to know how the Scorpio season will affect you, and here are some of the things you need to keep in mind:

1. Intuition is not some random feeling

Intuitions are important. It is especially so when you’re going through Scorpio season. Scorpio is passionate and passion is something that comes from within. It’s meant to drive you towards whatever your dream is. And when you are dealing with such an internal driving force, should you really ignore it?

The simple answer is NO. Scorpio is itself highly intuitive. Whenever the Scorpio seasons comes into action, you can be sure there will be a rise in your instincts. Energy from Scorpio is trying to communicate and charge your soul. Listen to it. Your intuition never lies.

If you have lived a long time and had a series of encounters, remind yourself how many times you felt something was off, and it turned out to be just that. You know you could believe in your gut feelings. This season, you can identify your instincts properly too. Respect it, and help it grow stronger within you.

2. If you’re jealous, it will be much more painful than anything else

We are human beings – it’s almost natural for us to be jealous of something we don’t have but which is there for someone else. But while we can have both negative and positive feelings controlling us, that does not mean we should let the negativity consume us. Any negative feeling will have terrible effects on us.

Think about it – if you have come across negative people, their negative vibes will put you off. But even if you don’t consider the negativity, jealousy is never really any good. It’s actually a very worrying sign. And it’s more painful especially when you are going through Scorpio season. Now, why is that? Scorpio is passion – and jealousy can only rise when you add your passion into it.

And the more you are jealous, the more pain you’ll feel. Scorpio doesn’t help jealousy – it’s you who are channelling the wonderful energies of Scorpio into something terrible. Rather, use this feeling of jealousy as a lesson. It will be hard, but trust me, it’s necessary. We must all learn to control our emotions, especially those which harm us and our relationship with others.

3. You are strong. You just don’t realize it yet.

Sometimes we don’t identify how strong we actually are. We underestimate ourselves and because of that, we fail to reach our goals. That’s really terrible. If we had anyone to tell us what our potential actually is, we would all be really shocked. Thankfully, Scorpio season is just the time when our strength is revealed to us.

The planets will help us and the Scorpio with its passionate vibes will direct all its positive energy towards our strengths. Internally, you’ll know that you are one of a kind and a powerful person. Nothing in this world can put you down even if they try real hard.

You can make a difference if you try. To test your strength, this Scorpio season will place certain obstacles before you. Don’t surrender – knock them down like a battering ram. You can do it.

This peak of Scorpio season, you can do something really good. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You are awesome. Control your negative and let your passions ride you to glory.

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