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What Are The Key Astral Projection Frequencies?

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The concept, theory and practice of astral projection dates back to ancient times. Historically, the practice of astral travel and projection was limited to society’s elite or spiritual hierarchy.

Through the years, due to human nature, it has become a widespread phenomenon. Today, many people are interested learning more about, and experiencing, this extraordinary out of body occurrence. A combination of scientific, technological, and spiritual efforts have discerned particularly conducive astral projection frequencies.

Certain tones, intensities, and pulses can be used to induce the “subtle body” experience. There are many published references to successful OBEs (out of body experiences) brought about by inducing astral projection frequencies. Using these “mind altering” tones and intensities, in conjunction with monaural beats, binaural beats, and isochronic beats, have been shown to aid in initiating the event.

Generally, brainwaves are measured in six different frequencies.

Gamma (38 to 90 Hz) and Beta (12 to 38 Hz) frequencies are represented whenever individuals are fully alert, wide awake, and in a highly functional, problem solving state.

When a person is slightly relaxed and brainwaves are slower, the Alpha (8 to 12 Hz) frequency is represented.

Theta (4 to 8 Hz) frequency occurs during meditation or extreme relaxation and is the first level that can support OBEs.

Delta (0.5 to 4 Hz) indicates low brain activity or deep sleep. This range is open for astral occurrence, also.

The sixth frequency is Lambda/Epsilon (0.5 Hz or less/100 Hz or higher). This is the optimal state of mystical consciousness and multidimensional astral travel.

The subtle body leaves the physical body when the brain and body have reached an extremely relaxed state. Audio recordings of the appropriate tones, intensities, and beats affect and alter the brainwave frequencies allowing the participant’s supersensible presence to separate from the physical body. Monaural beats are two tones with the exact same intensity and beat emitting a crisp, clear sound pattern. The brain adapts easily to monaural beats. Binaural beats blend two frequencies, usually Alpha and Theta, causing the brain to create an alternative, third frequency. Studies have shown binaural beats to be quite effective; and, they are commonly used to encourage astral projection. With isochronic tones the brain works to synchronize tones of the same intensity but with a faster rhythm. There is evidence that listening to isochronic tones can help improve students’ grades.

Anyone interested in learning more about astral projection frequencies and astral travel can find mp3’s and youtube videos on the subject, internet is a great source of information on out of body experiences and related topics.

There is quite a bit of information regarding historical astral incidences, ongoing research, and modern day, reported occurrences of astral travel.

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