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Mercury Is Going Retrograde July 7th: You Better Stand Your Ground Firmly

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by Conscious Reminder

Mercury retrograde always brings with it several problems, that aren’t limited to technological breakdowns, anxiety, delays in travel etc.

You might start thinking about the past, which would definitely hinder any progress that you would have made over the years. Most business meetings might come under a shadow, for the most important details won’t be available.

This retrograde would take place from July 9th. So, you are warned beforehand.

This retrograde would be very combative, impulsive and rushed, due to the influences of Neptune, Mars, and Uranus. This is why, this Mercury retrograde, you need to choose your battles. Control your impulses whenever possible as there will be trying times ahead for you.

Every Mercury retrograde has three phases. In the first phase itself, you will get an idea as to the kind of communication, travel or business issues that might come up.

Here, Mercury would conjunct Mars, which would give someone the ability to argue cases, for it would make them focused enough to think acutely.

But on the other hand, it would make someone overtly aggressive and combative for no reason. This would lead to strife which should be avoided. So, think before you act.

Next, Fixed star of Pollux would take it upon itself to mess around with you a bit more. While it will give you a chance at eminence and renown, it would also be cruel, ruthless and rash. It will definitely help business and war, but it would also lead to abuses, both physical and mental.

Finally, Mercury retrograde Pluto creates an environment of competition. This could also bring in a bigger risk of abuse, torture or even death.

Here, Mars would also be at loggerheads with Pluto. This will lead to competition, yet again, but on a flight or fight basis. If you decide to retreat, it will teach you a lesson. If you decide to fight, you need other motivated people like you, by your side.

Mercury Stationed At Retrograde

Mercury retrograding would also conjunct Mars and Uranus in a square. This supposedly volatile and violent trine would actually be softened by love and harmony from Uranus, and empathy and healing from Mars.

As Mercury conjuncts Mars, there will be a lesser zeal in competition and combat. You would be able to relax for a while since there would be no opposition to Pluto or Pollux.

But when Uranus is brought into the mix, it would create wild impulses that would be hard to contemplate and control. This is where you need self-awareness and the ability to control your impulses as that would make confrontations unnecessary.

Mercury in a square with Uranus brings nervous energy around the room. You may be suffering from a lack of concentration, which would lead to arguments, and insults are thrown back and forth. As said earlier, think before you act.

Mars in a square with Uranus would simply lead to energy and adrenaline coursing through your body, which should be contained in a safe environment. You need to find an outlet, be it sexual, or creative.

Mercury Stationed at Direct

This wouldn’t be as challenging as the previous two phases.

Mercury opposite Pluto would be easier to handle and contain. While there is a chance of debates and arguments, there wouldn’t be a threat to one’s life, career or future. There would be no conflicts whatsoever.

Mercury when trying to conjunct with Pollux always brings the risk of confrontation, but now is as good a time as any to do some research and investigate on their own.

One can undergo psychological therapy if one wants to lead themselves towards a positive transformation.

Finally, Mercury would stop being in retrograde on August 15, 2019.

How would you handle the Mercury retrograde?

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