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Uranus Retrograde Will Keep These Zodiac Signs Under Strong Influence Till 2020

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by Conscious Reminder

We have come outside the Mercury retrograde quite recently but now, another planet is pedaling backward. From August 11th to January 10th, 2020, Uranus will be in retrograde.

A few zodiacs will be affected the most due to this retrograde, especially in terms of their finances and relationships. However, this retrograde can be used for your benefit too. When Uranus goes retrograde, it slows down our flow and helps us to reflect.

It brings about a transformation. If you are feeling stagnated, Uranus retrograde will help you find routes to trigger your inspiration – read a book, watch a documentary or maybe talk with people to find a higher purpose.

Here are some of the ways in which Uranus Retrograde can help us:

1. Taurus

If you are feeling a heavy burden upon you, then Uranus retrograde will bring a bit of relaxation for you. It will give you the fresh air which you so require. So, during this period, you will be taking a walk down the path you never took before and this will be a walk of freedom. It will take you away from your responsibilities and your burdens. There are moments when you need to be really free – it is these moments that push you to get a complete transformation. All you have to do is not think about anything and just enjoy the time.

2. Leo

If you have been eyeing a new opportunity or a fresh endeavor, then maybe this is the time to start exploring these novelties. Your work might have been a bit erratic and it might have frustrated you, but right now, with the Uranus retrograde, you are provided the opportunity to look for alternatives. You will have free time, so try to look for different options and expect major shakeups at your work. Don’t let it discourage you.

3. Scorpio

Your love life is bringing in a lot of drama but now is the time to cut that drama short. Evaluate your relationship – does it require your energy or not? Both of you might be facing some friction but don’t rile up all of a sudden. Pause, think it through and then, realize what the reality is. Then, make your decision.

4. Aquarius

It’s time to be creative. Spark up your inner designer and start redecorating your home, especially the living space. Add some funk to it. Experiment with different easy-to-remove wallpapers and let your imagination fly. Don’t discard furniture in a frenzy though. Try to rearrange different items and then, remove or add something new. Let your creativity flow through your arrangements!

Make the most of the Uranus Retrograde. It is going to be marvelous if you allow it to.

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