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Temporary Soulmates And The Role They Play In Becoming Who You Truly Are

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Our lives are full of relationships of all kinds, but the most meaningful ones are the ones we share with our soulmates.

Popular media portrays soulmates and true loves as the same; we’ve been told we only get one, if we’re lucky, in our lives. But in reality, soulmates come and go. We are fortunate to have some in our lives forever, while others are temporary.

So who is a soulmate? They are a kindred spirit, a confidante, a person who’s essence is compatible with our own. We naturally share our biggest dreams and greatest fears with them, because we connect with them on a molecular level.

Because these relationships don’t necessarily last forever, soulmates leave. But temporary soulmates play a necessary role in our lives.

A temporary soulmate is a person from our previous lives with whom we have a deep connection. The temporary soulmate’s role in this life then is to help us learn important life lessons. They are a part of our lives in the best and worst of times.

They knowingly or unknowingly nurture us and we grow in their company. They have often been unmoving pillars of support when we have been at our lowest.

And most importantly, they offer us answers to big questions we ask and don’t ask, that have the potential to change our lives forever.

Temporary soulmates don’t complete us; they help us become the most authentic forms of ourselves. We evolve in their company and it is because of them that we continue down the path we were supposed to be on.

We may or may not be ready, but when it is time for them to leave, they don’t look back. Those relationships are forever changed, unlike the way they used to be, even if that person continues to be a part of your life.

While the pain of loss is unimaginable, it is essential. Temporary soulmates leaving is a part of the lessons they teach us. It is them leaving that helps us move ahead in our journeys. We have to learn to move forward, collecting all of the knowledge they imparted and incorporating it into our lives.

In some ways, temporary soulmates are our teachers, showing us how to strive towards a life of inner peace by overcoming all obstacles. They remind us to listen not just to our minds but also our souls.

They teach us that while our minds may get caught up in material desires, our souls are following a path of harmony. None of us would be able to get through life without temporary soulmates.

What lessons do you think temporary soulmates have taught you? Let us know in the comments below.

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