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Hard Truths To Face When A Good-Hearted Woman Leaves You In Her Past

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by Conscious Reminder

It is one thing to have a brawl with someone who is bad. It is one thing to stop associating yourself with someone who is toxic.

But it is an entirely different thing to be avoided by a nice person. This means that you must be the one making a mistake- you being the person who messed up. And it means you are losing someone who could bring the world for you.

A kind woman will never treat her love as a plaything. She would make sure that she gives her all to you, and if you decide to take it for granted, you would be the one facing the brunt later on.

Here are 8 hard truths that you have to come in terms with when a kind woman stops talking to you:

You Lost A Devoted Lover

She loved you despite your whims and quirks. She loved you BECAUSE of your whims and quirks. And yet all you did was betray her. She bared her all, and you simply took it for granted. Never would you find a girl like her who would place you over anything else.


You have let go of someone who was absolutely faithful to you. She wouldn’t even think about cheating on you or breaking your trust. And yet you decided to mess it up. How can you ever get beyond the fact that you couldn’t be faithful to someone who was faithful to you?


She was perfect for you. And yet you gave it all away. You couldn’t love her the way you should have.

A Good Friend

She was there for you through thick and thin. She told you the right steps you needed to take in life. She would lead you towards glory and success, all the while being your partner and your lover. And yet, you chose to not be with her.


You knew that she would support you no matter what. She would always be there for you, regardless of what you believe in, because she loved you. But you simply took that for granted, disregarding the efforts that she took only for you.

Forever And Ever

You must have realized now that you lost someone who would have always been there for you. Someone who wouldn’t bat an eyelid even if you hurt her for she loves you. She would have been there for you throughout, but you let her go. And now someone better will understand her worth and be with her.


She never hurt your feelings and you know that. She would always be there for you and always take your feelings under consideration. Not for a second would she let go of you or hurt you in any way.

Lifetime Happiness

You know you missed the one chance you had to find happiness in this brutal world. You let it go. How would you live with yourself, realizing that this woman could have been everything you wanted from life, and yet you let her go?

It’s no use regretting. She won’t be coming back. Just realize your mistake and look for a partner. Don’t let go of a woman who is worth the world and more.

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