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Understanding The Signs: Is The Universe Trying To Tell You Something?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Sometimes we notice particular patterns in our daily lives making its presence time and again in front of us. Suppose, a constant repetition of a number, like maybe 11:11 on the clock, or a certain song or photo.

Did you ever stop to think if there are reasons behind this happening? Or did you slide it to the back of your mind thinking it’s just a coincidence?

A friend of mine recently got three exciting phone calls from three of her friends living in different parts of the country. All three of them reported about encountering a bear in the wild. The first two calls seemed that the spirit of the bear is coincidentally following these two women. But when she got the third call, she became curious.

After some research, it turned out that to the northern tribes, the bear symbolizes power and hunt. Since she had recently taken a big leap to follow her dream, the bear pattern reached her through her friends, giving her the message that she’s on the correct path.

Most of us would consider these coincidences and ignore them. But are they the universe’s way of telling us something meaningful?

The term ‘synchronicity’ was devised by Carl Jung, a famous Swiss psychiatrist. It is the belief that all of us are connected through universal consciousness. It’s like a universal sign that things are going in the right direction.

Contrarily, some scientists believe that it’s simply our mind playing tricks on us. Our minds love looking for random patterns and designs in things happening around us.

But, what is your belief?

Do you think that all such patterns are mere coincidences? Is the universe really trying to tell us something? Does it want us to focus on the innumerable details to uncover a message?

No matter what, getting such signs feels reassuring. Somewhere deep inside, maybe we would understand what these signs really meant.

Want to make way for more of such synchronicity happenings in life? Here are some methods you can use for better understanding and receiving of these divine signs.

1. Forgetting the thing called ‘coincidence’.                             

If you keep on clubbing every incident under coincidence, you’ll be disinterested to find their deeper meaning. The signs would stop coming if they’re getting wasted or unnoticed.

2. Try putting a dream or goal out there in the universe.

When you set a dream, you’re most open to new ideas and pay more attention to details in order to work towards that goal. This gives a boost to synchronicity messages which will be easier for you to notice.

3. Focus on your inspirations.

If you feel interested in something, don’t just question it and ruin the chances of you finding something amazing. Be brave enough to take a leap and see what the future has in store for you.

Just try incorporating these habits into your daily life. You’re sure to find magical messages and signs coming your way.

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